Getting to Know neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 Data Centers

neuCentrIX - 17/12/2021 14:56

As companies grow and expand, they need more powerful data centers to support their business operations and ensure their digital presence. If you’re looking to move on from a Tier 2 to a Tier 3 data center, then it’s time for you to get to know neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers.

neuCentrIX currently has three Tier 3 data centers: neuCentrIX Batam Center, Jakarta Karet, dan Jakarta Meruya. Let’s take a closer look at what these data centers offer you and your business.

neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers feature
neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers implement a specific architectural design and deploy modern, technology infrastructure. Each Tier 3 data center facility consists of two floors. On the first floor, you can find the spaces for NOC and NER. You can also find its power source — an end-to-end electrical system comprising a transformer (1 MVA), a genset (2x1000 kVA), a UPS (250 kVA), and batteries. The second floor is where you can find a spacious IT Hall of around 240 m2 with 80 ready-to-use racks which is more than sufficient to support your digital business requirements for reliability, availability, and scalability. You can also find the spaces for MMR as well as staging, utility, and working rooms. In addition, the whole facility is completed with advanced cooling and raised floor systems.

Each neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data center facility has redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths, so it’s labelled concurrently maintainable. Each facility deploys N+1 redundancy where each system component has a backup, so the system can stay online in the case of failure or routine maintenance. For example, to avoid power outages, each facility is completed with a backup genset and a backup UPS. The facility also deploys a backup cooling system.

The benefit neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers offer
Because of the specifications and capabilities mentioned above, neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers guarantee a 99,982% uptime which equals a maximum of only 1,6 hours of downtime per year. Is high uptime rate really important?

Uptime means that your business and its online channels are available, not only for its customers to fulfill their needs but also for its employees to complete their jobs. If you’re experiencing downtime — or unavailable — your customers can’t reach you, and this can mean lost revenue, conversions, leads, and reputation. If your business is data sensitive and relies on cloud-based applications, downtime also means a loss of productivity because your employees won’t be able to work effectively. Those are why high uptime rate matters.

99,982% is a superior uptime rate. Due to this uptime rate, neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers are suitable for you if your businesses heavily relies on online business activities and have a high digital presence with constantly growing online traffic. 

Why choose neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers?
There are three main reasons why you should choose neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers.

1. Location
All neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers are located in strategic and highly accessible areas in the heart of Batam and Jakarta, two top business cities in Indonesia, which have reliable sources of power and connectivity with minimum outages. The locations available are also very close to the most popular travel routes in the country.

2. Safety
All neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers are equipped with prevention and recovery systems for various kinds of threats, including natural disasters, water leak, and fire. For example, each facility deploys IG-55 fire suppression system and dry pipe, pre-action fire sprinkler system. There is also a VESDA aspirating smoke detection system (for early warning) installed under and above the floor in each facility.

3. Security
All neuCentrIX’s Tier 3 data centers are completed with advanced security protocols, both virtual and physical. For example, to prevent physical threats, each facility is guarded 24x7 by an experienced security team. What’s more, each facility also implements Visitor Access Management (VAM) to ensure only those who are eligible can enter.

The points above show that neuCentrIX Batam Center, Jakarta Karet, and Jakarta Meruya are a reasonable choice of Tier 3 data center if you’re looking for high-level reliability and security.