neuCentrIX Hyperscale Data Center Security Measures

neuCentrIX - 23/12/2021 09:00

In the era of data economy where data is considered the new gold — or the new oil, data has become something invaluable for any organization. Any sensitive, proprietary information (trade secrets, copyrights, ideas, designs, intellectual property like patents, customers’ personal and financial information, etc.) can be the factor which makes or breaks a business. 

Unfortunately, like any other valuable items, data can be stolen or damaged due to various reasons including human error, cyberattacks, physical breaches, as well as natural disasters, and any form of data exposure or loss may lead to major issues: idea theft and plagiarism, financial damages and revenue losses, as well as loss of customer trust. That is why data security is crucial. Imagine having a stack of gold bars and knowing that thieves are attempting to steal it. Would you casually put it on your living room’s table, or would you keep it locked in a safe?

Three Areas of neuCentrIX Hyperscale Data Center Security Measures

If data is your stacks of gold, colocation data centers are a bank's safe deposit box or a third-party storage firm. To ensure their clients’ data are well-protected from physical and virtual threats, colocation providers, including neuCentrIX, generally implement thorough security measures. neuCentrIX never takes security measures lightly, especially for their upcoming Hyperscale Data Center (HDC). Being certified ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS), neuCentrIX HDC implements security best practices to ensure data protection and risk management.

Network Security Measures
ISO 27001:2013 demands robust network security measures. neuCentrIX HDC applies strict protocols for system patches and updates, ensuring only the latest software is installed to protect the network vulnerabilities. neuCentrIX HDC also uses network-level encryption to secure the clients’ data as it travels between endpoints and server-level encryption to protect the data when it’s at rest. 

In terms of virtual access, neuCentrIX HDC implements a Zero Trust Model where every data movement is treated as suspicious. Network behavior, data flows, and anomalies are monitored; digital access is also restricted through a regular user permissions review.

Physical Security Measures
ISO 27001:2013 also covers physical security measures, and neuCentrIX has a comprehensive security system implemented in its HDC. neuCentrIX HDC deploys a CCTV system which comprises a significant number of cameras, covering a broad area, and is monitored 24/7. It also implements layered locks and authorization systems to limit access to the data stored which includes: ID card control system, biometric security system, mantrap doors, automatic gates, bollards, and traffic blockers. Meanwhile, for personnel management, neuCentrIX HDC keeps a complete access log which can be checked and audited whenever necessary. 

In other words neuCentrIX prevents unwanted physical breaches not only by constant monitoring and access limitation, but also by placing layered defense mechanisms to ensure potential intruders can’t reach valuable data or hardware assets in the server room. 

Natural Disaster Warning and Emergency Handling
Data center security also requires strategies and protocols for protection against natural disasters. A safe location is a basic requirement of a Tier 4 data center, so neuCentrIX is building its HDC in a flood free area to minimize the risk of flooding, one of the most common disasters in Indonesia. neuCentrIX HDC also places a system of high-sensitivity sensors to detect smoke, fire, water, temperature, humidity, electrical, and leaks at the early stage. When they capture an anomaly, these sensors send a notification to people in charge for quick troubleshooting. In the case of fire, neuCentrIX HDC also installs a sprinkler system and INERGEN fire suppression system.

neuCentrIX HDC also has a data backup system and redundant infrastructure components — power, internet connectivity, cooling, etc. — in place in case of emergency, so any vital information isn’t lost or damaged and accessible in the event of a disaster. 

The points above prove that, as a Tier 4 data center, neuCentrIX HDC is the best option for organizations that rely on mission critical applications and are sensitive to downtime. In its development, neuCentrIX HDC won’t only be one of the most robust and modern data centers in Indonesia, but also one of the most secure.