Predicting Cloud Computing Trends for 2022

neuCentrIX - 11/01/2022 10:00

2022 is here. IT specialists believe that cloud computing will be at the forefront of all technologies to help businesses grow and adapt to changes in the coming year.

Here are four cloud computing trends and predictions for 2022 we think you should watch out for.

1. Hybrid clouds will continue to gain more popularity
In 2022, we’ll see more hybrid cloud deployment. According to BCC Research, the global hybrid cloud market is expected to reach $98,8 billion by 2022. Hybrid clouds have become an ideal solution for those who want more flexibility in their cloud arrangement. With a hybrid cloud, users can move workloads between private and public clouds based on their needs. Data that needs to be quickly and frequently accessed can be kept on a public cloud, like AWS or Azure, that offers easy access through tools, applications, and dashboards. Meanwhile, more sensitive or mission-critical data can be kept on a private cloud where access can be monitored, and it can be processed using proprietary applications. This level of flexibility has made hybrid clouds more and more preferable.

2. Sustainability will be a driver of cloud innovation
As the issues of energy consumption and carbon emission become more and more urgent, the world’s cloud providers have opted for “greener” initiatives. Major providers have been making efforts to increase efficiencies in their hardware and software and reduce their power consumption. For example, Amazon has pledged to move AWS toward a 100% renewable energy operation by 2025, announcing in 2021 the construction of 23 new wind and solar projects across the globe. Google implements historical weather data to reduce the need for server farm cooling. Meanwhile, Microsoft has experimented with aquatic data centers, using the ocean to absorb the heat. In 2022, such actions are expected to be followed by even more cloud providers across the globe.

3. Talking about cloud computing will also mean talking about edge computing
In the future, we’ll see the cloud becoming highly specialized at the edges of the network. Quoting Dr. Werner Vogels from Amazon, to fully realize the benefits of the cloud in workshops and warehouses, in restaurants and retail stores, or out in remote locations, there must be tailored solutions at the edge. What we will see in 2022, and even more so in the years to come, is the cloud accelerating beyond the traditional centralized infrastructure model and into unexpected environments where specialized technology is needed. The cloud will be in home appliances, like TV and oven. It will be in everything from cars driving down the road, to ships and planes. The cloud will be globally distributed and connected to almost any digital device or system on Earth, and even in space.

4. Containerization will be a part of the services offered by cloud providers
Containerization has become an alternative or companion to virtualization. In general, containerization involves packaging software code and its libraries and dependencies so that it can run consistently and uniformly on any computing infrastructure. Why does it matter? Containerization allows developers to develop and deploy applications in a faster, more secure manner compared to the traditional methods. Quoting an article by IT Business Edge, with containerization, applications can be “written once and run anywhere.” Major cloud providers, like AWS, have been providing a wide range of services for storing, managing, and running containers. In 2022, more cloud providers will provide containers as one of their services.

Those are the four items we predict will be a thing in 2022. We hope this article will help you prepare the best strategy for your business this year.