5 Top Tech Trends for 2022: From Digital Transformation, to Multicloud and Big Data in E-Commerce

neuCentrIX - 21/02/2022 10:00

The trends in the tech industry aren’t always brand new and unfamiliar. Some trends stay relevant for a while because of how much they change the world. In this article we’ll look at five top tech trends that have been around for some time but will still be very relevant in 2022.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to integrating digital technologies into all business areas —changing the way a company operates and delivers value to customers—to meet the changing business and market requirements. This term has been around for decades, but its implementation has never been as fast and massive as today.

Digital transformation has occurred faster in the past two years than in the decade before, thanks—or no thanks—to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, more and more companies are catching up to the trend because of the advantages and opportunities offered by digital transformation.


In the past few years, multiclouds have been gaining popularity. Unlike basic cloud, which only uses a single private or public cloud in its deployment, a multicloud architecture uses multiple cloud services from more than one cloud provider; it could be all-private, all-public, or hybrid (a combination of both). Due to its nature, multiclouds have become an ideal solution for those who want more flexibility and agility in their cloud arrangement.

In 2022, we’ll see more hybrid cloud deployment. With a hybrid cloud, users can move workloads between private and public clouds based on their needs. Data that needs to be quickly and frequently accessed can be kept on a public cloud, like AWS or Azure, that offers easy access through tools, applications, and dashboards. Meanwhile, more sensitive or mission-critical data can be kept on a private cloud where access can be monitored, and it can be processed using proprietary applications. This level of flexibility has made hybrid clouds more and more preferable.

Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world realize that, in many industries, remote work is actually a feasible option, and technology is at the center of this paradigm shift. Technology has been playing a crucial part in establishing a productive, secure remote work environment and making working at home convenient for both employers and employees.

In 2022, companies will realize that the possibility to work from home or other spaces may motivate many employees as they can balance their private lives with their jobs even better when working from home. Therefore, more of them will consider migrating to hybrid or full remote work.

Big Data in E-Commerce

In 2022, the data-driven approach will be used even more frequently in every aspect of business, including e-commerce. Companies will rely on Big Data and Analytics to understand their customers and offer them better experience—improving customer engagement, managing customer relationships, personalizing the shopping experience, and increasing sales.

Big Data and Analytics will also become a critical tool in customer acquisition. For example, with the implementation of Big Data and Analytics, companies will be able to identify customers’ purchasing behavior and predict what they might need and use the information to make strategic business decisions regarding customer acquisition.

Cloud Gaming

Today, players no longer need to download and install games. With the concept of cloud gaming, they can enjoy their games on remote servers and stream the content directly from their devices. This makes gaming more accessible even for players with lower specs hardware.

2022 will be cloud gaming’s make-or-break year. Cloud gaming has been steadily trying to prove itself for years. Despite various struggles and challenges, the industry will keep finding ways to make cloud gaming more attractive.

Those are the five top tech trends that will still be very relevant in 2022 and possibly years after.