NeuCentrIX Journey Towards a Seamless Data Center

neuCentrIX - 04/04/2022 10:00

For any business that wants to keep up with the trending demand and expand its reach, implementing the rapid growth of technology trends is a must. Telkom Group offers Seamless Data Center to help businesses keep up with the technology trend for the Indonesian market. 

Customer and Internal Pain Points

Customer requirements are experiencing a shift. With the rapid growth of technology trends, customers now demand an end-to-end service that is flexible and instant. Therefore, neuCentrIX comes with a solution to improve several pain points experienced by both customers and internal.

The global customer experiences more than four weeks of provisioning, fragmented link, high cost, and rigid policy regarding customer pain points. Meanwhile, domestic customers often have to face faster capacity runouts, and expensive connectivity services. neuCentrIX offers solutions to this problem, including instant provisioning, end-to-end solution, and flexible bandwidth.

The internal pain points experienced in the global scope include sunk cost cable, multi-supplier arrangement, and the unavailability of data center interconnection. Meanwhile, the internal pain points in the domestic scope include market pressure on connectivity, complexity in handling data center business, and complicated public IX capacity.

The offered improvement for these pain points is smart connectivity, an integrated supplier, and a pre-connected seamless data center. 

Current Development of Data Center

Data centers are being built in a lot of different areas to ease customers' access, especially for those outside the scope of Jabodetabek. Despite the growth, the data center outside the Jabodetabek area is generally Tier-2 or below. That is considered sufficient for now as the market needs in this area are not as big as the central area. 

Additionally, most of them are not interconnected between one. However, data centers that work in multi-location will expand their services so that data centers can be integrated into each other.

In the past year, we have seen the emergence of the new trend of ecosystem building to connect or integrate separated infrastructure in several cloud providers or data centers. 

What is a Seamless Data Center

Seamless Data Center is a synergy connection between several Data Centers' potential into one ecosystem stitch or comprehensive and continuous service coverage. In this case, Telkom Group Data center into one digital ecosystem under the brand neuCentrIX.

NeuCentrIX is a data center brand managed by Telkom Group. This brand provides both domestic and global seamlessly connected data centers. Domestic content providers only need to use neuCentrIX services in their nearest city and can feel the benefit of a worldwide accent.

Additionally, neuCentrIX is a neutral Data Center that has a connection to various services and network providers from all over the world. Hence, content providers, service providers, and network providers will be easily available with neuCentrIX.

The pilot project phase 1 of a seamless data center by Telkom Group is marked with the seamless connectivity between Data Center Meruya and Data Center Karet in Jakarta and Data Center Candi and Data Center Kotabaru in Central Java. The seamless data center by Telkom group allows data centers to be integrated into each other within the area. 

By the end of the fourth quarter of 2022, neuCentrIX is expected to launch a global hub ecosystem seamlessly. With this development, all the pain points both customers and internals experienced will be addressed thoroughly, and it is hoped to enhance the business ecosystem in Indonesia.