neuCentrIX CDN Advanced Package: The Power of Customized CDN

neuCentrIX - 20/06/2022 10:00

We believe that we’ve moved passed the questioning “Do I need a CDN?” phase. Almost every company that has digital presence and leverages digital content needs a CDN; you need a CDN. Now, the next questions are, what type of CDN service suit your needs and which provider should you choose?

Meet neuCentrIX CDN!

neuCentrIX CDN, one of Indonesia’s leading CDN providers offers you a way to ensure top-notch content delivery and digital performance and provide your customers with the best digital experience.

To support you, neuCentrIX CDN offers a number of main features. neuCentrIX CDN ensures website acceleration by reducing page load time and improving content quality. neuCentrIX CDN also enables file download optimization by guaranteeing faster download speed regardless of distance and file size. In addition, neuCentrIX CDN also allows better live streaming and on-demand content performance.

But, why neuCentrIX? Why not other providers? There are many reasons why neuCentrIX should be your CDN provider.

  • neuCentrIX has a wide local coverage area because our servers are located in 50 cities accross Indonesia.
  • neuCentrIX has multiple established CDN partners such as Google, Akamai, and Facebook.
  • neuCentrIX grants you direct access to Indonesia’s largest group of eyeballs through Telkomsel and Indihome’s large user base.
  • neuCentrIX guarantees end-to-end customer-oriented service completed with 24/7 customer support.
  • neuCentrIX ensures affordability and flexibility with pay-as-you-use business model and three types of arrangement you can choose from.

To use neuCentrIX CDN services, you can choose one arrangement: CDN as a Service, Wholesale, and Advanced.

Customized CDN: Is It Possible?

We understand that personalization is what everyone is looking for these days. You know you have specific needs and preferences, so you might be thinking if there’s an alternative to regular CDN packages—an arrangement that perfectly fits you. If this is what you’re looking for, you need neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package. With neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package, you can customize your CDN to your exact requirements.

neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package offers a fully customized CDN solution which can help you stand out among other businesses in the same industry. You can incorporate various custom features to make your website, app, stream, or other web content faster and of a higher quality than your competitors.

You can use advanced caching options, support dynamic content, apply custom proxy rules, choose the location of POPs, support hybrid content delivery and many other benefits specific to you. For example, you can include the anti-crawler protection feature. This feature blocks all types of bots that can visit your website and pose threats, such as spotting vulnerabilities, hacking, collecting personal data, parsing price or content, or aggressively scanning your website to reduce its load speed.

Why Customize Your CDN?

There are three major benefits of customizing your CDN with neuCentrIX.

● Greater control
With neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package, you have the ability to tailor your content delivery solutions based on your requirements and current performance. It also gives you total control over your content delivery activities, transactions, and security.

Tailored solutions
Specific issues require specific solutions. Sometimes, regular CDN packages just don’t answer the right questions. neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package allows you to solve the right problems with the right solutions.

Solve the right problems with the right solutions and not wasting resources you don’t really need mean effective spending. With neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package, you can ensure you get the value for the money you spend.

Get maximum advantages of a CDN with neuCentrIX CDN Advanced package! Contact us now through Whatsapp at +62 811-3900-2626.