Women in Tech: Closing the Digital Gender Divide

neuCentrIX - 01/08/2022 10:00

The digital world is growing daily, and more people are becoming dependent on the tech industry for their daily business. However, looking at it from the workforce equality and gender balance in the sector, women remain underrepresented. 

A study by Eurostat indicates that in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce, only 17% are women. In addition, only 5% of women are engaged in leadership positions in the tech industry. The study further indicates that men surpass women by over 250 million active online users.

While some efforts are being put in place to bridge this gap, the divide only seems to be growing more. This means that more attention must be put on ensuring women get equal opportunities on the internet and reap the benefits of the digital economy. NeuTalks held a talk show highlighting how digital learning skills can empower women and help them get better living standards for themselves and their families.

The most prominent challenges women have faced throughout history 
Women have faced many challenges for the longest time and have had to endure hardships because of gender inequities. These are some challenges women have suffered in the past. 

  • Economic inequalities: For many years, women have not had the same financial privileges as men. In most cases, women didn't have the right to own property or be economically independent.  
  • Sexism: Women have suffered from sexism and stereotyping for a long time by being referred to as the weaker gender because of cultural beliefs. 
  • Racism: This is a significant issue faced by many women who are looked down on because of their color or ethnicity. 

Role of women in the digital economy

Women have a significant role to play in the digital economy. Many technological inventions have been of great assistance in the tech industry – all thanks to women inventors. While the industry is mainly male-dominated, women also have the same potential and can easily break through and make a living out of the billion-dollar industry. 

What is it like to be a woman in Tech? 

For many women, breaking into the tech industry can be tedious because some companies may lack confidence in them. However, standing out of the crowd and doing your best will get you to the top. As a woman, one of the biggest challenges is getting a company with a good family leave policy – which is essential for raising a family. Getting a great team that understands the challenges faced by women in Tech can ease the pressure. 

Critical factors to having more women in Tech 

Many things can be done to ensure more women enter the tech industry. Here are a few: 

  • Ensure mandatory representation of women at all levels 
  • Give early support and nurture to talented women in Tech
  • Offer more recruitment positions for women 
  • Encourage open dialogue concerning representation

Women have a significant role to play in the tech industry – the more they are involved, the more revenue they will earn. Better policies favoring and encouraging women to join Tech ensure better gender balance in the industry.