Transform Your Data Center by Maximizing Interconnection

neuCentrIX - 03/08/2022 10:00

Interconnection has been a digital transformation that has changed how data centers operate.  As the need for digital applications grows, organizations are being compelled to reinvent their data centre strategy, replacing older equipment that is sluggish, costly, and unscalable. So, traditional data centers may become obsolete in the near future, with reports projecting that by 2025, 80% of businesses will have closed down their traditional data centers.

Colocation data centers have become an appealing choice in terms of cost efficiency and flexibility in this dynamic digital world. Furthermore, data centers offer more than only fancy places to house equipment for data storage, commercial applications, or backup and recovery. 

This article tells you more about data center interconnection and why it is essential for the future. 

What is Data Center Interconnection? 

Data center interconnection is part of the networking industry that links two or more data centers to share resources easily. There are several choices for data center connectivity, and choosing the best one depends on various factors such as location, proximity between data centers, bandwidth and availability, local ISP capabilities, and security considerations.

Most data centers in the past used interconnection only for business continuity and data recovery. However, interconnection has become more of a daily need for operations to help data centers manage data and support their system. Data Center interconnectivity is vital for assisting businesses in scaling their equipment as internet traffic increases and cloud computing becomes more important.

The use of the private cloud has also increased the new traffic flow. While most companies initially had to control information from outside the data centers, interconnection has made it easier for them to track data transfers from one data center to another. This has reduced the amount of external connections needed for traffic control and increased data center interconnections. 

The transfer of applications to third-party services promotes the demand for data center interconnections for public cloud suppliers. Cloud service providers now see the need to start developing hyper-scale data centers, which offer higher bandwidth and efficiency to serve traffic.

Why is Interconnection Important even in the Future? 

Data center interconnection seems to be the way of the future – and more companies are adopting it because of its benefits. Here are some of the reasons why data center interconnection is important. 

  • Maintain neutrality: This is one of the most important aspects of any data center. Neutrality enables data centers to interconnect in their collocations and promotes business flexibility. 
  • Ecosystem density: The ecosystem density is crucial for any data center because it offers buyers a great mix of internet carrier providers available. 
  • Latency: Data center interconnection helps reduce latency and improve the speeds and responsiveness to data requests. 

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