NeuCentrIX Internet Exchange Members

neuCentrIX - 11/08/2022 10:00

Internet Exchanges (IXs) have become an essential part of the tech industry – and many companies are trying to offer good internet speeds for their users. NeuCentrIX is the best internet exchange provider in Indonesia, with a wide availability across the country. 
Read this article to learn more about neuCentrIX, where they are available, and some of its members. 

What is NCIX? 

NeuCentrIX (NCIX) is Indonesia's leading neutral carrier data center, offering top-tier internet cloud services, colocation, and internet exchange solutions. They aim to be the Global Digital Hub and provide unmatched services to ensure users get the best internet experience. 

Additionally, they have the high-quality infrastructure to ensure your logical and physical data are well catered for at all times. NeuCentrIX also helps businesses gain seamless, reliable, and safe data maintenance. 

Apart from that, here are some other benefits you gain from using neuCentrIX services. 

● Carrier-neutral and multiple services: They have a neutral atmosphere that supports all carriers and offer multiple services in delivery and policy. 

Advanced Connectivity: NeuCentrIX offers advanced Connectivity with 72 points of presence (PoPs) across the world plus submarine cables for better speeds. 

● Wide coverage: They offer a wide coverage benefiting local and international networks. 

● Optimal eyeball: NeuCentrIX offers Telkom eyeballs in Indonesia for its users to get the best business optimization. 

● Client business solution: They have an extensive guide containTelkom eyeballs in Indonesiaing all customer requirements that help you scale up your business. 

Which cities are they established in? 

NeuCentrIX is greatly expanding across Indonesia and is currently available in several locations to ensure users get the best services. These are some of the cities that NCIX are established in: 
● Medan Centrum 
● Jakarta Karet 
● Bandung Lembong 
● Yogyakarta Kotabaru 
● Surabaya Gubeng 
● Denpasar Kaliasem 

With this availability, NCIX easily achieves its layer three capabilities of internet exchange for both content providers and carrier providers. 

Who are the members of NCIX? 

Since launching, NCIX has achieved trust from different digital players, including ISPs, network providers, and content providers. All these members have gained memberships in NCIX to benefit from connecting either through bilateral peering (private traffic exchange between members) or multilateral peering (exchange of traffic between many members). Some of their top members include – My-republic, Bukalapak, Biznet, Wowrack, Abhinawa, and many other companies. 

How to join NCIX membership

Becoming an NCIX member is very easy – you need to contact neuCentrIX and register. You will then be taken through a short process which includes signing a Multilateral Peering Agreement and having some technical requirements for better peering with other members. You will then be billed monthly as per your level of membership. 

Terms and conditions 

The following are some of the terms and conditions for every NCIX subscription. 
● All devices connected with NCIX routers must be collocated in the IT hall.
● Every member must have an AS number and advertise prefixes. 
● The bandwidth shared with Telkomnet will be used according to the installed capacity. 

NeuCentrIX offers the best internet exchange and cloud service technology to give your business better connectivity and scale up your revenue. They are available across many cities in Indonesia and trusted by tier-1 companies. Contact us for more information through Whatsapp +62 811-3900-2626