Collaborate Your ISP and Content Delivery Networks

neuCentrIX - 07/09/2022 10:00

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) have the potential to ensure end-users have the best internet experience. But they face challenges that come from CDN server location policies.

CDN has high internet traffic dominance. It makes it hard for ISPs to adopt and change shifts because of traffic demands. In this article, we'll look at CDN dominating the rising internet traffic and possible solutions to the challenges facing collab between CDN and ISP. Also, we’ll look at how neuCentrIX will give you the best CDN apps.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) dominance over Internet Traffic

Most of the internet traffic comes from CDN. These numbers are amazing, and CDN service providers keep developing modern infrastructure to handle the traffic.

Yes, it’s bringing more profits to CDN providers, but they also face some challenges because of the dominance. It’s never easy for the CDN to cover the entire map of all consumers with the correct network servers. Remember, they have to do it while being well aware of the network status of the user’s location and the ISP operations.

Solutions to the Challenges of Collaboration between CDN and ISP

Today, the ISP and CDN tend to find it hard to work together to ensure a smooth flow of services. These issues come from the high traffic shifts coming from dynamic server location policies running CDN.

So, it becomes hard for the ISP to handle the changes. But these problems can become opportunities for a fantastic partnership between the two sectors. Take a look at these solutions :

1. Implementing the Content-aware Traffic Engineering (CaTE)

ISP and CDN can use the massive network distribution infrastructure to improve service provision. They can use CaTE to help them work together in server locations to improve traffic engineering.

CaTE is a technology that adapts server selection to the content hosted by CDN via ISP directives but on a small-scale basis. Also, CaTE makes CDN improve the end-user experience while allowing ISP to meet various internet traffic management goals.

2. Network Platform as Service (NetPaaS)

CDN and ISP partner together to make use of CDN scalability. ISP now use devices like micro datacenters in their networks to support function virtualization. Some major ISP focus on the end-user server agreement and in-network server allocation. It works well for them through a reliable prototype system hosted by NetPaaS.

Also, NetPaaS makes CDN stronger even when traffic demands increase, enables ISP to work together with CDN, and promotes faster internet download speeds. These aspects favor both the ISP and CDN.

3. Provider-aided Distance Information System (PaDIS)

The PaDIS improves end-user assignment to the CDN servers. It's a system from an ISP that permits them to affect the assigning of users to servers by utilizing network conditions and end-user locations. Also, PaDIS works by using server diversity resulting from the server-selection process. So, as long as the two sides keep working well together, PaDIS also improves the end-user experience by increasing download speeds.

NeuCentrIX provides CDN as the Problem Solver

If you want your company to have a CDN service with Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE), go for the one from neuCentrIX. You’ll enjoy data transmission from the servers to your users.

You’ll also have a cloud that will host your web-based applications. Forget about lag coming from products and services with high online traffic numbers. The CDN from neuCentrIX allows you to host many users at a go without any hitches.

NeuCentrIX will give you the pay-as-you-go option when subscribing to their CDN software. Besides solving your service-provision issues, it’s one of the greatest ways to save on costs.

CDN and ISP have the potential to provide the best customer services when they collaborate. Remember, internet traffic today is vast because of the CDN. Though it’s not easy for the CDN and ISP to work together because of server selection policies, the two parties still have many chances to form a great pact. Companies should trust neuCentrIX to give them the best CDN software that works well with various ISP.