Seamless Data Center is now available in Data Center Karet and Lembong

neuCentrIX - 19/09/2022 10:02

For any business to be updated on the latest technology trends, they must have a good internet connection. This demand for good connectivity calls for the need to develop more seamless data centers worldwide. neuCentrIX is one such data center offering top-tier internet connectivity in Indonesia. With its availability in 13 locations in Indonesia, neuCentrIX is looking to implement its cluster 2 and 3 seamless data centers for better connectivity.

The initiative to have more seamless data centers is one of the company's major goals. This is in line with their aim of being a global hub ecosystem by the last quarter of 2022. After successfully implementing cluster 1 seamless data centers, they are launching two additional ones to broaden their availability, read on to find out more.

The Implementation of Seamless Data Center for Inter Cluster 2 and 3
Data centers come with a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. Some of these challenges include the high cost of internet connectivity, a lack of good government policies, and the unavailability of data center interconnection. These are some of the reasons that neuCentrIX initiated seamless data centers.

The new seamless Data Center (DC) available in Karet and Lembong aims to offer the following services to people in the area.

  • Offer flexible bandwidth: Good bandwidth is among the things you need for better internet connectivity. The seamless data centers by neuCentrIX offer good internet speeds to ensure short request response times and enhanced SCC.
  • Smart connectivity: Any standard data center aims to have a great connection. However, most cannot attain this goal because of the high cost of internet cables. With smart connectivity, neuCentrIX customers may get to enjoy high internet speeds and send data requests at a reduced cost.
  • End-to-End internet solutions: The challenge of having fragmented links is mainly caused by a lack of end-to-end solutions. neuCentrIX has easily solved this problem by implementing its three clusters of seamless data centers that ensure better content delivery.  

Services that come with neuCentrIX Clusters 2 & 3 seamless Data Center
The seamless data centers developed in Karet and Lembong come with new services that improve the user experience and benefit neuCentrIX clients. Here are some of them:

1. NeuCentrIX Interconnect
Having interconnection is very important for any data center looking to upscale its services and offer better connectivity and good content delivery. NeuCentrIX brings interconnection as a new service for its cluster 2 and 3 seamless data centers. With this service, neuCentrIX can host many internet providers under one roof and offer better connectivity for all customers. It also helps make data centers more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. NCIX Remote
Implementing the new seamless data center offers an opportunity for better neuCentrIX remote services. This makes it possible for customers to utilize the vast availability of Telkom eyeballs in Indonesia in a cost-efficient way.

3. Specific content connectivity
Specific content connectivity is a new service made possible by the new neuCentrIX seamless data centers. This helps customers get a first-hand experience of neuCentrIX connectivity for main internet content.

Seamless Data Centers are the road to serious data centers and neuCentrIX is leading the way in providing this kind of service. To get hold of these great neuCentrIX seamless Data Center services, contact us through WhatsApp at +62 811-3900-2626.