Data Centers are Innovating to Reach Sustainability

neuCentrIX - 16/11/2022 10:01

Data centers are innovating to achieve sustainability by using more renewable energy sources. They use solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal plants to generate electricity for their servers. Data centers also recycle heat from the servers and other equipment that produce a lot of heat during operation.

They also recycle water by reusing it after it has been used in the cooling process. This is in line with the global fight against climate change and the aim of countries reaching a net zero carbon emission level. Read on as we tell you more about data center sustainability and some innovations toward reducing their impacts on the environment.  

Existing regulations toward data center sustainability 
The data center industry is growing at a high rate. With the increase in data centers, so is the need for energy and resources. Today, many data centers rely on fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. Data centers are not entirely responsible for the pollution they create, but they are partly responsible. There is no regulation that all data centers must be 100% renewable. Still, if a company only uses renewable energy to power its operations, it could be a step towards sustainability. 

Maintaining a low carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly can help sustain data center emissions. The average power consumption of a data center has been estimated to be around 3-4 megawatts. This has led to an increased need for sustainable practices in the industry. 

Some regulations towards data center sustainability are: 
 ● To reduce energy consumption, companies should consider using green energy sources such as solar panels, hydroelectric power plants, or wind farms.
 ● Data centers should have a low carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly.
 ● Companies should adopt renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, or hydropower facilities.

The latest innovations to reduce the environmental impacts of data centers
Data centers are innovating new ideas to reduce environmental impacts and achieve sustainability. This is a trend that is happening not just in Indonesia but all over the world. 

Data centers are a significant contributor to the rise in global warming. Since data centers consume about 2% of all electricity in the world, it is crucial to find ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Several companies have come up with new ideas for reducing the environmental impact of data centers. One idea is to build data centers near hydroelectric power plants and use this renewable power source for cooling. Additionally, companies are working on reducing the size of data center buildings by using air conditioning only during peak hours, when most people are accessing the internet and generating more heat.

Data centers worldwide are also changing their infrastructure and operations to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. One area of focus is the use of "virtualized" servers. Virtualization technology enables existing hardware to be split into multiple Virtual Machines (VMs), making it possible for many workloads to run on a single server.

In conclusion, data centers are the backbone of the internet and are crucial for many industries. However, their high energy demands cause substantial environmental impacts. NeuCentrIX is Indonesia’s leading data center with high technology to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Explore our website to learn more about our services and steps towards providing more sustainable data center solutions!