Cloud Services As A Solution For Businesses and Institutions in Indonesia

neuCentrIX - 15/10/2020 15:15

In the era of COVID-19 and remote work, cloud computing is not only about efficiency, it is also about ensuring operational continuity. As a result, the demand for cloud services has been growing even more rapidly. The demand is also supported by the government’s regulation that encourages the deployment of data centers and cloud services for businesses. This phenomenon has created big opportunities for cloud and data center providers, local and multinational, to build their facilities in Indonesia and offer their services.


Generally, cloud service providers offer three types of services: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Most cloud service providers in Indonesia, including NeuCentrIX, focus on IaaS which is the most comprehensive and flexible type of cloud service available. It essentially provides a completely virtualized computing infrastructure provided and managed over the internet. Although an IaaS provider manages the physical infrastructure, customers can customize softwares they need to use, and only pay for the infrastructure they use, allowing them to scale their computing requirements without having to build out additional capacity.


Depending on their requirements, businesses can choose different cloud environments. There are three types of cloud deployment models: public, private, and hybrid cloud. A public cloud is owned by an outsourced cloud provider and accessible to many companies through the internet on a pay-per-use model. A private cloud is owned by a single business and can be hosted externally or managed in-house with a more controlled environment and specific access to IT resources. Despite its high price, it offers a higher level of security and customizability for larger businesses. Finally, a hybrid cloud combines the benefits of both private and public cloud deployment models. This model provides a more tailored IT solution that meets specific business requirements.


Before adopting the cloud and choosing the service and deployment types, companies should follow these three steps.


Step One

This is the preliminary assessment step in which companies establish their objectives and break down their plans in the long run. Based on these long term objectives and plans, they calculate their budget and assess their readiness, especially their IT department, to ensure a smooth cloud adoption process. 


Step Two

In this step, companies learn about different cloud services providers and what they offer. As security and compliance are essential, ISO27001 ISMS (Information Security Management System) certified providers, such as NeuCentrIX, are more preferable. In terms of availability and reliability, local cloud providers are more promising due to easier access for support and administration. 


Step Three

Finally, companies decide the most suitable cloud deployment model and services for their requirements. NeuCentrIX is one out of a few cloud service providers in Indonesia that offer IaaS in all three deployment models. Adding to that, NeuCentrIX is connected to a high-speed backbone and has data centers built out in 13 cities in Indonesia and 65 points of presence across the world.


Before adopting the cloud services as their solution, it is imperative for businesses and institutions to understand what they need and what is available in the market. NeuCentrIX offers different cloud deployment models to choose from to ensure flexibility and strong connectivity to ensure reliability.


Source: Onno W. Purbo (Indonesian Information Technology Expert)