Welcoming neuCentrIX’s Newest Tier 3 Data Centers: neuCentrIX Batam and neuCentrIX Jakarta Karet

neuCentrIX - 27/05/2021 12:00

neuCentrIX has once again proven its commitment in developing Indonesia’s digital ecosystem through high-quality infrastructure and services. Following a comprehensive audit process, two neuCentrIX data centers, neuCentrIX Batam and neuCentrIX Jakarta Karet, are now entitled Tier 3. Not only are they located in two of the most strategic business and commercial cities in the country, they have also received the ANSI/TIA-942 Design Certification Tier 3 from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Today, only less than 50% of data centers in Indonesia have been certified Tier 3, so this achievement marks a special milestone in neuCentrIX’s vision and mission.


The internationally recognized ANSI/TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers specifies the requirements and guidelines for data center design and

installation. Receiving the ANSI/TIA-942 Design Certification Tier 3 means that the data centers’ design documents have been thoroughly reviewed and met the design criteria set by TIA which, as established by the tier level, requires both to offer more than just the minimum requirements — strategic locations, excellent building construction, adequate electrical and mechanical infrastructure, and up-to-date security measures including physical and cyber security system as well as fire detection and handling system.


What’s more, according to TIA’s guidelines, a Tier 3 data center is entitled Concurrently Maintainable Site Infrastructure, meaning it can undergo maintenance without any service disruption. It proves that neuCentrIX Batam and neuCentrIX Jakarta Karet deploy high performance computer equipment that have redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths, allowing the maintenance staff to make upgrades, repairs, and changes without having to shut anything down. Also, since most components have a backup, the system can stay online in the case of component failure.


As Tier 3 data centers, neuCentrIX Batam and neuCentrIX Jakarta Karet have an expected 99.982% uptime with a maximum of only 1.5 hours of downtime annually. With this superior uptime rate, both are suitable for the needs of growing medium to large businesses which rely on online business activities and have constantly growing online traffic especially those which are involved in the digital industry: ISPs, content providers, game publishers, and other digital players. By opting for a Tier 3 data center, clients can focus on their business strategies and operations without having to worry about data security and facility maintenance. In addition, neuCentrIX Batam and neuCentrIX Jakarta Karet offer clients with flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness which are crucial for today’s businesses.


This milestone is proof that neuCentrIX is willing to go the extra mile to build better infrastructure to accelerate the nation’s digital transformation. The strengths and track record neuCentrIX offers in the digital industry have further strengthened its position as one of the best data centers for consumers in Indonesia.