Digitizing Business Processes through neuCentrIX’s Cloud Solutions

neuCentrIX - 18/08/2021 18:23

As business activities have grown increasingly dependent on technologies, no company can avoid digitalization. Nonetheless, changes are never without challenges, and to ensure a successful digital transformation, companies need to adopt the latest technologies based on their business requirements. Cloud computing, as one of the most critical tech innovations in the past decade, allows businesses to stay agile, productive, and competitive by providing them with various benefits including scalability, data security, task automation capacity, and cost effectiveness.


In its commitment to facilitate businesses in Indonesia with the best digital capabilities and infrastructure, neuCentrIX has become one of the country’s leading cloud providers. Started in 2016 as a small data center, neuCentrIX today has expanded its capacity into four different service types: colocation data center, connectivity, CDN, and cloud computing. As stated by Muhammad Rifqi, Telkom Tribe Account Manager, since its launching in 2019, neuCentrIX’s cloud solution, neuCloud, has supported companies of various sizes and industries to carry out an impactful digital transformation and grow their business in the digital era.


Following a virtual meetup and workshop by Telkom Indonesia, Jatim Dev, and DILo titled Digitize Business Process through Cloud Solutions, we’re going to take a closer look at neuCentrIX’s cloud solution and how it helps businesses accomplish their digitization process.


Why do businesses in Indonesia find it challenging to create a superior digital experience to its users?


In the virtual workshop, Rahardianto Seno Wibowo, Telkom DWS Digital Solution and Partnership Manager, mentioned that providing an excellent digital experience to users could be challenging for many companies in Indonesia due to high latency and unevenly distributed infrastructure which can lead to delays, buffering, and slow page load time. Although cloud computing has been a popular solution to both issues, not all companies — especially small and medium enterprises — can afford a cloud solution due to the high-priced and non-customizable schemes offered by some providers in Indonesia.


How is neuCloud different from other cloud providers?


Rahardianto Seno Wibowo or often called Seno also mentioned that, besides the cloud computing standard capabilities, neuCloud offered a number of benefits which might not be offered by other providers. First, neuCloud guarantees not only network availability but also various network alternatives to choose from, including Telkom’s networks as the default connectivity option. Second, to be able to meet companies’ specific requirements, neuCloud offers customizable business schemes and policies. Third, neuCloud offers a special white label scheme which allows its clients to be cloud resellers. Fourth, neuCloud also includes various SaaS applications and other value-added solutions to complete the cloud services, such as Antares IoT platform, Umeetme video conference platform, Cyber Army cybersecurity management platform, and BigBox big data analytics platform as well as API service and container or serverless computing options. As an extra benefit, neuCloud assures free 6 TB internet usage for its client, more than what AWS and Google offer.


Another factor that makes neuCloud different is its extensive service types. To meet different demands, neuCloud is offered in three solutions: dediCa, elastiCa, and multiCa. neuCloud dediCa is a bare-metal cloud computing service which is dedicated solely and completely to a single client. Meanwhile, neuCloud elastiCa is offered with the advantages of shared resources and quality comparable to big names such as AWS, Google Cloud, and AliCloud. Finally, neuCloud multiCa allows its clients to integrate neuCloud with cloud services from other providers and orchestrate multiple cloud deployment. To ensure clients’ convenience, neuCloud allows them to tailor their cloud usage through self-service features provided on the neuCloud consumer website.


In the demo session, Lucky Rachmadeni, Telkom DWS Technical Sales Support and Digital Solution, mentioned that neuCloud offered two purchase methods: postpaid (needs a specific cooperation with Telkom neuCentrIX and is done through their Account Managers) and prepaid (is highly customizable and done conveniently through top-up feature on the neuCloud consumer website). On the website, neuCloud’s clients can top up their cloud plan starting from only 5K and pay for the plan they choose via e-wallets (LinkAja, OVO, and GoPay), phone credit deduction, bank transfer, or payment points at convenience stores.


What role does neuCloud play in supporting businesses in Indonesia?


neuCloud services have been used in various use cases. neuCloud has been used by system integrators to empower applications in the public transport industry. As these apps contain latency sensitive features such as ride order, QR code scan, and location update, neuCloud’s hybrid cloud deployment, cloud+edge distribution scheme, and DC-DRC availability are crucial. neuCloud has also been used by one of Indonesia’s leading telemedicine platforms. The cloud deployment was vital to enable quick go-to-market. Besides the two rising industries, neuCloud has also been deployed by game publishers and talent hiring platforms.


As Wasito Adi, Telkom RWS 5 Operational Senior Manager, stated in his opening speech, the pandemic has forced every business to adopt technologies into their business processes and functions. neuCentrIX has taken its part in increasing organizations’ digital capabilities, and neuCloud, as one of neuCentrIX’s main services, has played an important role in growing various businesses in Indonesia.