5 Reasons Why neuCentrIX is Your Go-To CDN Service Provider

neuCentrIX - 19/10/2021 10:00

With the rise of content providers and online content delivery, CDNs are gaining more and more popularity. In general, through the features they have, CDNs promise various benefits: improved content delivery and website performance, scalability and reliability in the case of traffic spikes, improved security and DDoS protection, improved SEO rankings, lower company costs, and finally, better conversion rates and sales. Nonetheless, when choosing a CDN service provider, it’s important to look at other things besides those general advantages.


neuCentrIX is one of the top CDN service providers in Indonesia. With years of experience in the field, neuCentrIX is willing to go the extra mile to give more than the benefits mentioned above. Besides CDN’s primary advantages, neuCentrIX offers its customers five extra benefits.


Large Coverage Area in Indonesia

A reliable CDN has nodes, or often called edge location servers, deployed in multiple geographically dispersed locations to ensure large network coverage. neuCentrIX CDN is supported by more than 15 data centers which are strategically located in 13 big cities in Indonesia — Medan, Batam, Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Manado, Makassar, Balikpapan, and Banjarmasin. These points of presence will help content providers ensure their users experience high-quality content and faster content delivery regardless of their locations.


Access to Indonesia’s Largest Internet User Base

Through Indihome and Telkomsel, Telkom Indonesia is Indonesia’s leading internet provider with the largest user base due to its coverage. As a part of Telkom Indonesia, neuCentrIX CDN provides content providers with access to this large user base and help them reach more viewers, users, and subscribers across Indonesia.


Extensive Features for Maximum Performance

A CDN works by relying on a number of features which, when orchestrated together, will take content delivery to the next level. neuCentrIX has the capacity to provide all these essential capabilities: content caching, cache control, load balancing, traffic restriction, minification, file compression, intelligent failover, and data security including DDoS attack protection. Those capabilities are embedded to deliver these features:


  • Website Accelerator

Suitable for customers who need accelerated access, such as portals, e-commerce, information applications, and user-generated content.


  • Download Accelerator

The right features for utilization on websites or applications that provide download requirements via HTTP or HTTPS. Data is distributed to edge nodes to speed up delivery.


  • Video-on-Demand (VoD) Accelerator

Appropriate for customers who provide video and audio-based content with the support of a variety of formats, such as online education websites.


End-to-end Customer-Oriented Service

Customers are at the heart of what neuCentrIX does, and that is why neuCentrIX always ensures their customers gain not only benefits, but also convenience. neuCentrIX promises robust and experienced customer support which are ready to help 24/7 whenever an issue arises. neuCentrIX also provides end-to-end service, pre to post setup, such as an initial consultation stage to help customers reroute their CDN. What’s more, neuCentrIX allows their potential customers to enjoy a free two-week trial period in case they need one.


Competitive Rate and Pricing Schemes

As a leading CDN service provider, neuCentrIX offers a very competitive rate. Moreover, they offer two types of pricing schemes — pay-per-use, or consumption-based, and commitment-based — which are customizable to a client’s specific needs. The pricing schemes are meant to grant clients more convenience by giving them more options.


It’s important for content providers to choose a CDN service provider which can provide them with these extra elements to ensure not only performance, but also convenience. By offering these five benefits, neuCentrIX proves to be one of the best CDN service providers in Indonesia.