Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network

This distributed cache acceleration service is fast, secure, and reliable for a better user experience.

Global acceleration network over 130+

countries and regions

2,800+ Points of Presence (PoPs)

Joint operations with leading carriers and

elastic resource scaling
180+ Tbit/s Bandwidth

One-stop acceleration solutions for all kinds

of businesses
4 Scenarios

Custom solutions to meet your

requirements for business development
24/7 Support

Acceleration Services for Popular Business Types

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Why Huawei Cloud CDN?

Abundant PoPs for Fast and Reliable Content Delivery

Get content delivered from 2,800+ PoPs in 130+ countries and regions. Bandwidth reaches 180+ Tbit/s


Enhance user access experience with accurate, evolving IP geolocation database and dynamic PoP adjustment.

Improve the cache hit ratio with proprietary AICache, multi-level cache scheduling, and fast, massive SSD

Neutral, Secure, and Reliable

Use HTTPS on the entire network to secure content transmission.

Restrict access sources with advanced security control.

Enhance content security using CDN's distributed deployment and edge

security capabilities.

Diverse Billing Options to Cut More


More options to minimize costs for different businesses

Resource packages with varying specifications and durations

Traffic package with flexible off-peak/peak hours

Flexible, Open, and Easy-to-Use Services

Customizable configurations and multi-dimensional O&M

Highly open APIs for cross-cloud platform management and efficient O&M

Seamless integration with Huawei Cloud products, such as OBS and Cloud Eye

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Ensuring Low-Latency Access Experience

Huawei Cloud CDN provides smooth and high-quality video viewing experience for tens of millions of

users and achieves full partnership with BBTV from resources to devices.

BBTV Works with Huawei Cloud CDN to Improve User

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