Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN Billing

This distributed cache acceleration service is fast, secure, and reliable for a better user experience.

Billing Items

Huawei Cloud CDN billing includes a basic service fee and additional fee for value-added services.


The basic service fee is charged based on traffic or bandwidth generated when users access CDN points of presence (PoPs).


The value-added service fee is charged based on the number of whole site acceleration requests.

Billing Options
Billing Item
Billed By
Basic service

You are billed by the traffic used per hour. You can also buy traffic packages to deduct traffic used.

Basic service
Peak bandwidth

The system measures and records a peak bandwidth every 5 minutes, so 288 records are collected per day. The

highest peak bandwidth per day is used as the billable bandwidth.

Basic service
95th percentile

In each calendar month, the peak bandwidth is measured and recorded every 5 minutes on each valid day. At the

end of the month, the records are sorted from the highest to the lowest, and the top 5% of the records are

thrown away. Then the highest bandwidth value in the remaining records is the billable bandwidth of the month

and a bill is generated based on the contract price.

Basic service
Average daily peak

At the end of each calendar month, the system calculates the average of peak bandwidth of valid days in this

month. The average value is the billable bandwidth of the month and the bill is generated based on the contract

Basic service
Prepaid traffic

You can purchase a traffic package that suits your needs. Your traffic package is used first. Traffic consumed

beyond the package will be billed on a pay-per-use basis.

service fee
Number of whole
site acceleration

You are billed by the number of whole site acceleration requests for dynamic and static content.

Pricing Details

Huawei Cloud CDN services are charged separately in the Chinese mainland and outside the Chinese mainland and have different prices. For details, see

Expiration and Overdue Payment
Handling Arrears

If your account is in arrears, your cloud resources will enter a grace period and then retention period. For details about how to handle service suspension due to arrears,


View the outstanding amount of your account in the

. Pay the outstanding amount by referring to

About Arrears

During the grace period, the CDN service is not stopped, but domain names cannot be added to CDN.


When your account balance is used up and your account enters the retention period due to using other Huawei Cloud services, you cannot use CDN for acceleration if you use CDN

services that need to be deducted from your account balance, such as pay-per-use CDN services and whole site acceleration.

to origin server

, CDN will provide the retrieval service within 30 days after the service termination policy is triggered. After 30 days, your acceleration domain name cannot be

Balance Alert

If you are using a traffic package, you are advised to enable the

function. If the remaining quota of the traffic package drops below a configured threshold, an SMS

message or email will be sent to you.