Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN Features

This distributed cache acceleration service is fast, secure, and reliable for a better user experience.

Domain Name Management

After a domain name is added, you can enable, disable, remove, and review the domain name on the CDN console. You can also configure the domain name's termination policy.

Available in all regions.
Basic Settings

When you use CDN acceleration, if the area where the origin server or end users are located changes, you can adjust basic domain name settings on CDN.

Available in all regions.
Origin Settings

When a user requests content on an acceleration domain name, and the content is not cached on CDN PoPs, CDN PoPs will pull the content from the origin server. You can set origin

parameters based on your needs to speed up access.

Available in all regions.
HTTPS Settings

HTTPS ensures secure transmission through encryption and identity authentication. CDN supports SSL certificates and other security mechanisms to secure domain names.

Available in all regions.
Cache Settings

CDN caches origin content on edge nodes across the globe so that users can obtain content from nearby nodes. You can modify cache settings to change the cache status of

resources on CDN nodes.
Available in all regions.
Access Control

You can configure referer validation, IP address blacklist and whitelist, User-Agent blacklist and whitelist, and URL authentication to identify and filter out unauthorized users and

improve CDN security.
Available in all regions.
Advanced Settings

You can further configure related parameters to improve user experience and product usability.

Available in all regions.
Video Seek

You can allow users to seek to a certain position in a video without affecting the playback effect.

Available in all regions.