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Bring the rapid scale of your data center needs into a reliable neutral atmosphere.

neuCentrIX is a data center and cloud service for your business that gives you the carier-neutral experience.

Aiming to be the Global Digital Hub, we are ready to expand your digital ecosystem. Located in over 13 major cities in Indonesia, our data centers provide large capacity with wide coverage and seamless connectivity.

Your data is catered inside high quality building to ensure the infrastructure is always on top security level, both physical and logical. From colocation to cloud, we ensure it is the best experience for our partners, customers and community.

Strong Coverage, High Reliability

How We Help Your Business

Building a data center takes more than planning, it has to worth the investment.

The data needs assurance of seamless, realiable, and most importantly safe gears. To maintain that quality, we in neuCentrIX build them for you with the best coverage, connectivity and optimization.

Carrier-Neutral & Multi Services

Neutral atmosphere and multi-services in delivery and policy.

Seamless Local & Global

Diverse community within an interconnected data center.

Advanced Connectivity

72 Points of Presence (PoP) around the globe with submarine cables.

Wide Coverage

Advantages from domestic and global networks across 33 countries.

Optimal Eyeball
(All User)

Millions of eyeballs around the globe for business optimization.

Client Business Solution

Extensive guide on customer requirements to scale your business.

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See how neuCentrIX can benefit your data infrastructure

See how neuCentrIX can benefit your data infrastructure

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