Fastest Connectivity Service

Widest coverage in Indonesia and premium connection to the world.

This gateway opens your door to the largest capacity and widest coverage of areas in Indonesia. Not to mention, the direct connection to global internet with premium quality. Enhance your business with the sophisticated global digital hub, all around with excellent connectivity.


IP Transit

Interconnection services to global and domestic internet with guaranteed bandwidth ratio of 1:1. Made for those colocated with us, using their own networks (IP Address Portable version 4 or version 6), ASN (Autonomous System Number), or own networking support (consist of and not limited to DNS and Mail Relay).

IP Paid Peering

B2B interconnection services (bilateral peering - 1 hop) that are mutually beneficial between Telkom and your business.

Specific Content Connectivity (SCC)

Variants of IP Transit that provide internet access to specific content available on CDN and Telkom content community.

Content Aggregator Connectivity (CAC)

B2B Interconnection services (bilateral peering - 2 hop) that are mutually beneficial between Telkom and customer.


Interconnection services to the domestic and global internet guaranteed of 1:1 bandwidth ratio, using internet resources (IP & ASN) owned by Telkom.

Your Own Data Center

Your Own Data Center

Simple and flexible options for your business.

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