Direct access to the data distribution system to allow quick and deployable interconnections

neuCentrIX package consists of Data Center Package (collocation in IT Hall) and Carrier Provider Package (collocation in Network Entrance Room).

The service covers standard data center specifications, supporting facilities, additional services, and services designed for carrier providers (Other Licensed Operators) as connectivity provider for content providers.

With colocation, companies are able to expand their infrastructure quickly and seamlessly while keeping expenses in control.


Racks and Subracks are configured to maximize power usage and to dispose heat. You can choose a wide range of racks or subracks to suit your own business needs.

Cooling System

Safest temperature.


Stable power supply.

Generator Set

Standby back-up power


Improving your data center is always a good decision. Additional services are available for you with additional charges based on terms and conditions.

Additional power supply

Your business server is guaranteed a reliable uptime.

Additional IP Public

Centralize IT operations and create efficient architecture free of maintenance fees.

Additional Cross Connect

Interconnect with other tenants within the colocation data centre and do business together.

Your Own Data Center

Your Own Data Center

Simple and flexible options for your business.

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