Case Study: The Role of neuCentrIX Cloud in Empowering ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s Online Ticket Booking System

neuCentrIX - 26/11/2021 16:06

As a game changer, cloud computing has impacted each corner of the business world. By boosting their unique digital capabilities, the cloud has helped organizations of various industries — from healthcare, education, BFSI, manufacturing, automotive, retail, hospitality, to transportation — run their business more effectively and efficiently, creating a better experience for their customers. neuCentrIX, Telkom DWS’ solution for businesses’ digital connectivity needs, has displayed their commitment as one of Indonesia’s leading cloud service providers by collaborating with organizations of diverse vital sectors. One of the companies which has been leveraging neuCentrIX Cloud service to elevate their customer experience is ASDP Indonesia Ferry.


PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) is an Indonesian state-owned passenger ferry operator. The company is headquartered in Central Jakarta with 29 branches in 4 regional offices across Indonesia. Until today, ASDP has offered more than 200 routes served by more than 150 ships, linking the islands of Indonesia from Sabang in the west to Merauke in the east and from Talaud in the north to Rote in the south. It operates in numerous ports in the country, major and minor, including Merak, Bakauheni, Ketapang, and Gilimanuk — four ports with the highest ferry passenger traffic.


Looking at the rising demand, ASDP took a big step and decided to start implementing an online ticket booking system. Through the tagline “Naik Ferry, Easy!”, ASDP’s commercial website and app titled Ferizy are meant to make it easier for people to book tickets for ferry routes to and from Merak, Bakauheni, Ketapang, and Gilimanuk ports. However, without being supported by robust technological resources, such as cloud computing, online ticket booking platforms like Ferizy are prone to issues and system failures, leading to poor user experience and complaints. That is why, neuCentrIX Cloud has been chosen to be the ASDP’s partner. The appointment wasn’t only because of neuCentrIX’s reputation, but also due to its capabilities to provide adequate infrastructure, superior network, premium access to a large internet user base, 24/7 customer support by experts, and Disaster Recovery Center (DRC).


neuCentrIX Cloud empowers ASDP’s online ticket booking system implementation in a number of ways. First, the cloud increases time efficiency and productivity. It speeds up data processing and enables automation, meaning more can be done in a shorter period of time. Tasks like updating reservations, sending confirmation emails, taking payments, or even updating schedules can be done in seconds using the cloud with minimum risk of human error. Second, the cloud also supports remote working and data sharing which means people in charge can work from anywhere; even system updates, checks, and fixes can be done remotely through the cloud. This has become an essential feature during the pandemic. Finally, the cloud improves safety and security. As data is stored remotely, there is less risk of them being stolen, lost, or destroyed. With neuCentrIX’s certifications and compliance which prove that extensive standards and security measures are put in place, the data of ASDP’s property and guests can be guaranteed safe.

With the power of neuCentrIX Cloud, Ferizy successfully went live and is now fully up and running. The website and app offer various features, including easy ticket booking, schedule checking, as well as various online and offline payment methods, ensuring convenience for customers and more revenue for ASDP.