Three Ways neuCentrIX Helps Businesses Turn Data Centers into Revenue Centers

neuCentrIX - 29/12/2021 19:00

Every business is divided into departments that are considered cost centers, and parts that are considered revenue centers. In most companies, the IT department is typically categorized as a cost center, along with marketing, research and development, HR, and several other departments. Nonetheless, in the era of data economy, digital transformation, and various technological advances, the IT department — and all of its resources — has become a critical part of a business. As businesses increase their digital capabilities, data centers have become a vital asset for them, regardless of their deployment type — on-premise or colocation.

As one of the leading colocation data center providers in Indonesia, neuCentrIX understands the role of data centers in businesses’ digital capabilities and their potential to be more than a cost center. Therefore, with its capacity, neuCentrIX helps businesses turn data centers into revenue centers in three ways.

neuCentrIX ensures maximum uptime.
The term uptime refers to the amount of time which a server is working and available uninterruptedly in a year. When a business’ IT infrastructure is down, their business stops. They aren’t able to not only provide service to their customers but also function internally, and this leads to many things: a loss of customers, revenue, reputation, and productivity. Gartner estimates the average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute or equal to more than $300,000 an hour. This means that any increase in infrastructure uptime is an instant financial win.

A data center ensures maximum uptime through specific design and architecture, management strategies, as well as redundancy and security measures. All neuCentrIX data centers are professionally built for minimum downtime and located in the most strategic, fastest growing areas in the country and even South East Asia. All of them have been certified Tier 2 and Tier 3 which guarantee over 99% uptime annually. What’s more, neuCentrIX is currently building a hyperscale data center which is going to be certified Tier 4 and ensure 99,995% annual uptime.

neuCentrIX allows companies to save costs.
The cost of managing an in-house data center can be higher than the cost of renting space at a colocation center. With colocation, companies can also have a very predictable operational expense model that replaces Capital Expenditure (building, hardware, staff, etc.) with regular Operating Expenditure. As a colocation provider, neuCentrIX offers a more affordable and flexible pricing system which allows clients to save more money.

neuCentrIX Tier 3 data centers have N+1 redundancy design, meaning that they have redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths, allowing these data centers to undergo maintenance — upgrades, repairs, or changes — without any service disruption. This means that maintenance activities can be done during business hours, resulting in cost savings because services which are delivered outside of normal business hours tend to cost more.

neuCentrIX helps companies focus on business core competencies.
neuCentrIX offers managed services which allow companies to entrust various IT related time-consuming, distracting tasks in their daily business operations — such as equipment maintenance and staff and resources management —  to them. It lifts the administrative burden off the shoulders of the IT department, allowing them to efficiently focus on core initiatives and strategic projects that create value for the business and ensure its growth. 

This also includes security measures. To protect the clients’ data, neuCentrIX implements the most up-to-date and detailed security measures, both virtual and physical. For instance, neuCentrIX applies strict authorization procedures for anyone (including the clients’ teams) to access the data centers. With this professionally designed security system, companies won’t have to worry about the safety of their stored data.

These facts show that, although data centers are often considered a cost center, with the massive digital transformation happening in almost every industry, they are gradually yet confidently turning into a revenue center. neuCentrIX sees this, and through experience and knowledge, provides the best practices to ensure its clients’ business growth.