NeuCentrIX, a Sophisticated Edge Data Center in Indonesia from Telkom

neuCentrIX - 01/04/2022 10:00

The data center is an integral part of various technology trends that have increased in the past few years, such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud and streaming services, etc. It supports the smooth implementation and access of these technology trends. However, with the recent rapid growth, data center managers are faced with latency, a problem that can affect user experience.

Today, end-users and providers demand access anywhere and anytime to applications, services, and data. This is when latency cannot be tolerated anymore. One of the solutions for this limitation is an edge data center.

What is an Edge Data Center?

The edge data center is a small facility set up to deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end-users or populations close to the facilities. These facilities are usually connected to more significant central or multiple data centers. Since data processing and services are provided close to the end-user, it reduces latency and thus, improves the customer experience.

The Benefits of Edge Data Center

The Edge data center has some advantages that make it unique and worth considering for businesses.

  • Minimize latency

As mentioned above, latency is no longer tolerable with the rapid growth of all the technology trends. The edge data center allows reducing latency by minimizing the data transmission time from the central cloud data center to the end-user device.

  • Enhance security and privacy

Data in transit is the most prone to cyberattacks. However, this solution reduces the amount of data that has to travel over a network every time it is accessed. Therefore, the edge data center also helps increase data safety. End-users also have more control over their data since fewer data are uploaded to the cloud, and most data are processed on the device.

  • Increase Reliability

Network reliability will improve with the implementation of edge data centers because the critical data and workload are distributed across a chain of smaller data centers. Therefore, the pressure on the central data center will be reduced and will not be pushed to exceed its maximum capacity. 

Characteristics of an Edge Data Center

Different definitions of edge data centers may differ depending on the roles, industries, and priorities. However, there are similar critical characteristics as follows:

  • Edge data centers are placed locally, which means they are set up near the areas they serve and manage remotely.

  • The components are similar to the traditional data center. The edge data center is packed into a smaller footprint.

  • An edge data center is one of many in a complex network.

  • It stores mission-critical data, applications, and services for edge-based storage and processing.


NeuCentrIX Edge Data Center in Indonesia

If you set up a business in Indonesia and need a reliable and trustworthy data center, neuCentrIX is the right choice. It is a neutral-carrier data center ecosystem and one-stop solution for colocation, cloud service, and internet exchange. 

NeuCentrIX helps businesses build their data center for seamless, reliable, and safe data storing and accessing. It will build a data center with the best coverage, connectivity, and optimization. neuCentrIX is located in 13 major cities in Indonesia and ready to expand businesses’ digital ecosystem.

With the continuous growth of IoT devices and applications, OTT platforms augmented and virtual reality, edge data centers are an excellent system to invest in. That is because it will help businesses speed up the performance and content delivery of applications. 

NeuCentrIX edge data center can be beneficial for various industries such as agriculture, banking, defense, healthcare, and even mining. In the agriculture sector for example, edge data center can be helpful to create farm analytics to manage the spreading disease. 

In the 4.0 industry, edge data center help develops smart factory that use predictive maintenance and predictive quality management for a more affection daily operations and maintenance. With many possibilities in multiple fields, neuCentrIX edge data center has a bright future ahead.