Green Data Centers in the Digital World

neuCentrIX - 27/09/2022 10:00

Cloud computing technology has the power to reduce data center energy consumption by a high percentage. But it will only work if the centers aim at saving more power and conserving the environment.

Various famous tech companies have newer and better ways to create power for their centers and save the green world. The article will focus on energy-efficient data centers, factors to look at as the world moves to cloud technology, and the innovations coming from green data centers.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers
Companies that go for energy-saving data centers save on many costs. It allows them to use the resources to improve other sectors of the company. Remember, today power is becoming one of the trickier costs for organizations to maintain. Also, some studies indicate that data center companies with greener plans tend to save 48% of energy through cooling technology.

Essential Factors to Consider as Cloud Migration Continues to Become Common
The following green aspects are key for companies to consider as cloud migration becomes the norm.

1. Companies should have Energy-Efficient Servers
Data center servers don’t consume as much power as traditional ones. Better still, companies should embrace the use of servers that won’t use much power. It helps them have a lot of money to spend on other activities.

2. More Effective Cooling Solutions
These servers need a regular cooling pattern to run well. So, companies should invest in systems after analyzing data from the environment around the facility to know which method will be effective.

3. Optimized Hardware Refresh Cycles
As we focus on operating cloud apps, companies should also reduce toxic waste by assessing the life and refresh cycle of the hardware elements. It will reduce the carbon footprint numbers in the information technology sector.

The Innovations of Green Data Centers around the World
Below are the fantastic innovations that make some green data centers around the world go green. These activities also help data center companies save more money.

● Underwater Data Centers
Some companies use self-sufficient underwater data centers. It's a technology idea from submarines that helps deliver fast cloud computing services to coastal areas. These data centers help companies to save more costs that they would have used in paying for the electricity bills. At the same time, this underwater technology uses power without destroying marine life.

● Data Centers relying on their Own Data Generating Facilities
It's great for organizations to rely on their ways to deliver power for their activities. So, it's why some companies choose to invest in many solar panels to generate power. These solar panels have a multiple fuel cell power generator that uses biogas from neighboring sanitary landfills. The method helps companies save on power bills and invest resources in improving the company.

● Embracing Hydropower Plants
Data centers also run well using existing hydropower machines that produce 100% renewable energy. Remember, such facilities use free cooling from nature outside to maintain the racks in the data center systems. So, the centers store big data and carry out massive transactions in a day with ease.

● Use of the Natural Gas Power
Using natural gas power to generate electricity saves more money and the green world too. The company using the gas is close to a major gas pipeline. So, it becomes easy for them to tap the gas supply and make their electricity after following the correct protocols. They make the power using fewer carbon emissions rather than using coal while saving on electricity utility bills.

The tech world will become more amazing once they adapt to green data centers. This will help companies save more resources as they adapt to cloud technology. It's encouraging to see some organizations coming up with greener plans like using natural gas power to make their electricity. So, expect such data centers to be the next great saving plan for the digital sector and the environment.