Tips for a Successful Server Rack Installation

neuCentrIX - 02/12/2022 10:00

The use of server racks in many businesses keeps rising every day. It comes because of the growth in the use of data centers.

Installing the equipment isn’t hard. But proper planning is essential to avoid future mistakes and losses. 

So, this post will explain to you the details of a server rack and how to install it. Also, you’ll know the tips to consider when placing a server rack in your business.

What is a Server Rack?
Server racks are items that keep your specialized hardware. With excellent shelving, you’ll create ample space for the many pieces of hardware you keep in a room.

You’ll see this aspect, especially if you own equipment like routers, servers, or switches. Today, most people use server racks because of the rise in the importance of data centers.

The racks come in three types: open-frame racks, rack enclosures, and wall-mount racks. Each serves a different purpose, depending on its nature. Remember, your business will enjoy the top benefits of a server rack if you install it well.

What is Server Rack Installation?
It’s easy to install a server rack at your workstation. You only have to be careful of every step you take.

The process entails placing the rack correctly in your IT hall. Your servers and cables will be safe using the correct frame and rails. If you aren’t sure of the process, please hire a specialist to handle the aspect for you.

How location, rack type, and other factors influence the business consideration phase
The choice to install a server is excellent. Your IT department will have a new and organized look. But before installing the item, consider the following aspects for your activity to be a success :

1. The Server Location
Before you install a server rack, you should have enough room. The equipment is going to hold your business’ valuable hardware.

If you are starting your company, place the server at the center of the building. It’s because the item will be away from the light from the windows. Note that too much light can destroy your servers.

Also, the location should be away from your employees. It’s because servers create so much heat that it is unsafe for people around them. Sometimes, people can cause accidents when they are close to the servers. So, both people and servers need to be safe.

Besides the rack providing safety and cooling to the hardware, where you position it can also help kill the servers.

Don’t place the server next to the wall. During hot weather, it will expose the server to more heat and thus kill the server faster because of poor airflow.

2. Type of Server Rack
Go for a rack that suits the size and needs of your servers. A proper server rack will house your hardware. Also, it will leave enough room for your router switches, cables, and other equipment.

Ensure that you take your time when choosing the best rack. It will save you from future losses and regrets.

After that, pick the rails and rack that fit your equipment. Sometimes, if you aren’t sure, let a specialist make the selection for you. Remember, a fitting stand helps keep your servers more stable and secure.

Since there are various types of racks, please choose one that matches your budget. However, it’s great to invest in a high-end server rack for the safety of your equipment. Better still, you can get affordable frames that meet your budget range.

3. The Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Servers need a proper and secure power supply to work well. Ensure you use a safe and stable PDU on your server rack.

Choose a PDU depending on the power needs of your server. You’ll give your hardware the proper essentials to prevent any power surges. Please allow your power supplier to make custom recommendations for your server rack here.

4. Label and Arrange Your Cables
After placing your servers in the new rack, label your cables. Do it even for the new lines you’ll add in the future.

It prevents you from improperly hooking up to the servers. Also, in case of any failure, it will be easy to identify and correct the problem. So you’ll save more time and resources when fixing the mess.

Besides the labeling, make sure the wires are in proper order. Use the vertical and horizontal wire management bars. The tools make your server rack neater and reduce the risk of damaging equipment.

5. Consider the Future
Please focus on future expansion as you arrange the servers and their cables. Check if you’d want your company or business to get more servers.

Remember, technology is growing every day. It saves you from spending more money to expand the space for new servers. So, you’ll need to invest in more materials to make your servers work well.

Planning is essential when installing a server rack for your business. Remember, server racks help you place your network hardware in the proper place. You’ll also secure other items like servers, routers, and cables through the stands. Hire a professional if you aren’t sure about installing a proper rack.

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