The Reasons Why Businesses Need to Start Utilizing Data Centers Now

neuCentrIX - 18/01/2021 10:02

In the era of digital transformation, data centers have become every business’ staple need. Data centers support companies through three roles: storage, computing, and networking. A data center provides a space for companies to store and manage their data, completed with multiple backups and recovery methods. It also provides companies with the memory and processing power to run their business applications and transactions. Moreover, a data center also provides connectivity for its users through interconnections between components and the deployment of multiple networks.


Due to these roles, data centers are vital for businesses of all sizes. Larger and mature companies need data centers to ensure sustainability and stable business operations. A company with thousands business applications and millions of data being exchanged daily requires one or more data centers to handle the immense workload. Meanwhile, smaller companies need data centers to handle their growing business activities. These companies might not fully need data centers now, but they need a plan to address their future data and computing needs, so they can quickly respond to changing circumstances and take advantage of opportunities.


Based on their needs and capacity, businesses can choose between on-premise and colocation data centers. Having a data center on-site, right in the heart of all business activities, gives companies a number of advantages including convenient access anytime, complete control for modification and expansion, and fully customizable security measures. However, these benefits do come with a price. On-site data centers are considered a capital investment due to the initial budget and physical space needed to set them up which can be expensive. Adding to that, running them require resources allocation for operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, and security.


On the other hand, despite not having a data center in their office buildings, using colocation services are more convenient as it provides these benefits. 


Possibility to save money and resources

Colocation services allow businesses, large and small, to save on initial infrastructure investment and reduce operational expenses by sharing costs with other users while still receiving all the benefits of a data center. Smaller businesses gain the advantage of having a professional IT department without the actual headcount expense. Medium to large-sized enterprises can expand their capacities without having to worry about costly facility construction.


Improved security

Colocation data center providers employ the latest multi-layered security measures and protocols in both physical and cyber infrastructure which enable tighter and smarter security as users’ data is being guarded and monitored 24/7 from physical attacks and breaches. What’s more, companies don’t have to allocate their own resources to create and implement these protocols as everything is managed by the colocation providers.


Flexibility and scalability

In ever-changing world circumstances, businesses of all sizes need a strategy to accommodate changes and expansions. Even small to medium-sized companies can utilize colocation services to manage growth before their business data volume outgrows their resources. Colocation data centers allow companies to deploy higher bandwidth levels to handle data and traffic spikes without them having to plan ahead and allowing them to only pay for what they use.


Reduced downtime

Minimizing downtime is one of the most significant advantages of colocation services. A single downtime can cost a company a lot of money due to various disruptions including lost sales. Colocation service providers deploy reinforced multi-layered components including bandwidth, internet connectivity, diversified power sources, cooling, physical security and more to reduce downtime and ensure optimal function of hardware, even in the event of a physical disaster.


Therefore, this is the right time for businesses to start utilizing data centers, especially colocation services, to ensure stable and continuous business operations.