Introducing neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin, Telkom Indonesia’s Second Data Center in Kalimantan

neuCentrIX - 13/04/2021 15:00

In its commitment to develop the nation’s digital ecosystem, boost its digital capabilities, and accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia is moving fast through neuCentrIX. It didn’t take long for them to launch another data center following the launch of neuCentrIX Meruya in March. On Thursday, 8 April 2021, Telkom Indonesia launched their latest data center, neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin. Located in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Banjarmasin, neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin is Telkom Indonesia’s second data center facility in Kalimantan, following one in Batu Ampar, Balikpapan.


neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin was officially inaugurated by Mr. Dian Rachmawan (Telkom Director of Wholesale & International Service), Mr. Riyanto Utomo (EVP of Telkom Regional VI Kalimantan), Mr. Tri Nugroho (VP of Wholesale Product & Service), Mr. Muhammad Rofik (VP of Strategy Planning & Performance), Mr. Erik Orbandi (Executive Vice President of Telkom DWS), and Mr. Arief Hidayat (VP of Wholesale Solution & Customer Management). The commercial launching event was themed “Towards Telkom Wholesale as Content Delivery and Interconnect Partner” and attended, online and offline, by more than 50 participants including the EVPs of Telkom Regional I-VII, the Chief of Bappeda Pemprov Kalimantan Selatan, the Head of Kominfo Pemprov Kalimantan Selatan, the Head of Kominfo Pemprov Kota Banjarmasin, and the Head of Kominfo Pemkab Tanah Laut.


Telkom Indonesia saw the great potential of Kalimantan and projected the rapidly increasing need of digital penetration and connectivity in the near future. With the capacity of 30 racks, carrier neutrality, and the largest eyeball access in Indonesia, neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin is ready to serve the demand local and regional digital services users including government institutions, internet services providers, and startup companies with four services: Colocation, Cloud, Connectivity, and CDN. In addition, neuCentrIX Banjarmasin - Ulin was also designed to be a meeting point and creative house for digital collaborators who are based in Kalimantan. This facility supports Telkom Indonesia’s collaboration with local startup communities through co-creation, mentoring, and coaching to push the digital growth and create a strong digital ecosystem in the region.


In his speech, Mr. Dian Rachmawan emphasized the role of neuCentrIX as one-stop services providers for its consumers. He stated, “The trend didn’t stop at the migration from on-premise data centers to colocation. In the era of the cloud, data center users only need to consume. That’s it. That is why neuCentrIX built IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). All servers and networks are ready and available. We provide international bandwidth and Internet exchange points. The only thing consumers need to do is connect, and you don’t have to seek anywhere else. neuCentrIX is enough. While your IT requirements are fulfilled, you can also save costs.”


Mr. Riyanto Utomo, as the host, also mentioned the role of Kalimantan in beginning Indonesia’s digital sovereignty. As it involves owning data as well as digital assets and the consideration of how these assets are used, digital sovereignty is essential for security, privacy, and data protection in the digital era. Digital sovereignty should be applied not only on an individual basis but also toward nations. Building data centers across the country is a way for Telkom Indonesia to support the nation in affirming its digital sovereignty.


Closing the event, Mr. Dian Rachmawan reiterated his message, "Make neuCentrIX the home of digital ecosystem players for the acceleration of evenly distributed digital transformation in Indonesia."