Fast Internet vs Secure Internet: Which One is More Important for Businesses?

neuCentrIX - 17/06/2021 16:00

No businesses today can run smoothly without reliable connectivity. Speed is one of the many factors that ensure a reliable network. Nonetheless, although fast internet connection is essential, there are other factors that contribute to the reliability of an internet connection. One of them is security. 


The Advantages of Fast Internet

There is no doubt that speedy internet connection benefits companies in various ways. High-speed internet connection means better cloud computing performance which is crucial for today’s businesses to stay competitive. It allows companies to store and access data from the cloud more easily and quickly; moving large sized files will no longer be a problem with zero lags. As it improves cloud performance, a faster internet connection also supports remote working which has been the key to companies’ operations since the pandemic. It ensures more solid team collaboration and higher capacity for a larger number of users. 


Another major benefit of a fast internet connection is the ability to support large volumes of daily business applications including financial transactions without any trouble. Moreover, a fast network also supports automatic critical data backups in the background and ensures the recovery of critical data without any impacts on companies’ daily productivity. All these benefits are an evidence that high-speed internet connection contributes greatly to employee satisfaction and customer experience. However, is speed enough?


The Reasons Why Secure Internet is Equally Important

A major spike in cyberattacks and online breaches has been seen during COVID-19 pandemic. According to Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN’s High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, growing global digital dependency due to the pandemic has increased the vulnerability to cyberattacks, and it was estimated that one such attack took place every 39 seconds. Among various industries worldwide, healthcare organizations and medical research facilities have been hit the most. As a result, the demand for a secure network infrastructure services has never been more urgent.


A secure network provides businesses with a number of benefits. A good network security system has the ability to protect all the sensitive information and critical data which are shared across a company’s network. Network security also boosts the trust between businesses and consumers and protects your business from the reputational and legal fallout of a security breach. Moreover, the right network security solution helps companies mitigate risks and stay compliant with business and government regulations. It will minimize the business and financial impact of a breach if it does occur. Adding to that, quite similar to a fast internet connection, a good network security system provides options to enable a modern workplace by encouraging remote working and collaboration between employees within a safe virtual environment.


The Role of VPN for Cybersecurity

Companies can secure their internet connection in many ways including using two-factor authentication, encryption, multiple firewalls, IPS or IDS, and SSL certificates. One of the most popular network security methods is virtual private network (VPN). A VPN encrypts Internet connections and data transferred via a company’s network. Most VPN services also have a built-in feature that will automatically disconnect hardware from the network when a protected connection is lost, thus keeping the company safe from unexpected data leaks. Therefore, with a VPN, employees of a company can securely use Wi-Fi during their remote work without compromising the company's sensitive information and critical data.


To conclude, both speed and security are essential factors of a reliable internet connection. Speedy network is vital, but it is not enough without proper security measures. A high-speed connection ensures employee satisfaction and positive customer experience, and a secure network ensures their trust by providing data protection.