6 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is Still Relevant in 2022

neuCentrIX - 22/02/2022 10:00

Digital transformation (DX) has been gaining popularity in the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of businesses to speed up their DX process to be able to stay agile. DX is expected to play an even bigger role in corporate planning in 2022 than ever before.

But is DX really still relevant? Let’s take a look at six trends that signify the relevance of DX in 2022.

Automation will still be a trend in 2022.

Automation and DX go hand in hand; when one is adopted, the other follows. In most cases, companies can increase the pace of DX within their organizations by automating more of their processes. However, a well-executed DX process is also needed for an effective use of automation.

In 2022, hyperautomation (the concept of automating as many business and IT processes as possible) will be a major tech trend, according to Gartner. Companies will use technologies such as machine learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI, low code, and many others to improve their businesses. With hyperautomation becoming a big thing, we can safely say that DX will still be big.

Data analytics will become more business-critical.

Data is the core of DX, and making data-driven decisions is one of its key principles. Today, smart data analytics is helping modern businesses extract valuable information from the raw data that has been collected and processed. It helps them improve their decision-making and increases their productivity, accelerating their transformation efforts.

However, data and data analytics are evolving and becoming more business-critical, making DX even more needed. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will specifically reference data as a critical business asset and analytics as a critical competency. Data and data analytics will be immensely helpful in customer behavior prediction, supply chain process optimization, and sales pipeline optimization, and many others.

AI will be democratized.

The use of AI has been a factor that accelerates DX as it helps businesses recognize trends, make decisions, forecast, learn, and improve. In 2022, the approach known as the democratization of AI will gain more attention. Democratizing AI means making it accessible to every organization, and if possible, every person within that organization. Every company, from tech-savvy startups to large corporations, will be able to try to incorporate AI into its systems and processes.

With democratization of AI and the convenience it offers, DX will be easier and faster for businesses.

5G will no longer be a buzzword.

In 2022, 5G will become even more widespread. We will start to see operators launching 5G stand-alone networks, delivering even more incredible speeds and quality of service to consumers. This technology will also be widely adopted by businesses to improve their processes and operations.

To adopt the 5G technology, companies will need to invest in network infrastructure. However, the investment doesn’t stop at infrastructure. Businesses also need to go through a DX process to be able to effectively use 5G.

Contactless solutions will be permanent.

The pandemic has driven the rise of no-touch solutions. Public places, from restaurants to malls, are developing contactless solutions to fulfill their customers’ needs—e-commerce apps, digital payment platforms, QR code, and so on.

In 2022, contactless solutions are expected to stay despite better circumstances. For example, according to Statista, the overall transaction volume in the digital payments market is expected to hit USD 6.685.102 million in 2022. The move toward contactless solutions will demand strong digital infrastructure support, thus requiring companies to speed up their DX.

Cybersecurity will require more advanced approaches.

Despite the importance of cybersecurity, the number of cyberattacks has been constantly increasing. According to Check Point Software Technologies, the number of global cyberattacks increased by 29%, as hackers continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and shift to remote work.

It’s time for companies to speed up their DX and incorporate AI, machine learning, and the cloud into their security solutions. 

Those are six reasons why DX is still relevant and even required in 2022. More and more companies will either opt for or speed up their DX process to keep up with the changing world.