Role of CDN in Helping OTT Success

neuCentrIX - 08/06/2022 10:00

Many end-users hate to stream or upload their content on slow OTTs.  Speed is the crucial aspect that affects the customer experiences on these platforms.

With the ever-growing technology, the demand for CDN in the OTT industry keeps rising. CDN helps you not depend on one server that affects your OTT’s quality. We’ll focus on the meaning of OTT and CDN and how CDN supports many OTT platforms.

What are OTTs and CDN?
An Over-the-Top (OTT) is any media service providing movies and TV shows via the internet. The best examples are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazing Prime. These platforms have apps and websites where users can access the content after a subscription.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) entails many proxy servers in various data centers in different locations. You can use CDN to store info like videos and captions for your OTT platform. CDNs also bring many other excellent benefits to an OTT platform.

How CDN helps the OTT Platform
Investing in a CDN on your OTT platform will be worth every penny. Below are the fantastic benefits that CDNs bring to any OTT.

1. It Acts as a Caching Content
Expect your OTT platform to do well because CDN acts as a fantastic caching place. As a CDN component, caching will temporarily store your website's data.

CDN will store your OTT platform’s web pages, videos, articles, user components, and your users’ past viewing history on the website.

Remember, cached data allows end-users to access your website’s info fast. The need for your page to reload won’t be necessary because the CDN’s cached data will be available.

2. Server Locations
Today, the CDN servers make your OTT platform more powerful than using traditional web hosting systems. These multiple servers make your platform perform well regardless of the customer's geographical location.

3. Improves the Customer Experience
The users on every OTT platform will enjoy the fast and smooth loading of the web content. Every OTT streaming service with a CDN has fast speeds.

CDN gives your customers a better user experience than traditional servers. Viewers become impatient because of OTT platforms that load slow or buffer more.

As long as there’s a stable internet connection, data from the servers will move fast. So, your OTT will function well even when there’s unexpected traffic because of many users.

4. A High Uptime
OTT platforms with 100% upload time suit the content creators. Remember, 95% of end-users on social media in Indonesia engage in making trending and engaging content. It shows that any OTT online should have high upload speeds.

Using CDN servers will give your platform close to 100% uptime for videos. The users won’t have to rely on one server per location to upload their videos.

5. Improved Security
Your OTT will be safe from cybersecurity attacks because of CDN. The server will face the highest threat when your OTT platform is under attack. If you have many CDN servers, there will be fewer risks of DDoS attacks.

Many OTT users like the ones on Netflix and Hulu love to watch content with fast loading speeds and high quality. Expect much performance and traffic when you introduce a CDN to manage your OTT platform. Also, the users’ data will be secure as the platform keeps holding many of them. If you still use the traditional servers on your OTT, it’s time you shifted to the CDN world.