neuCentrIX Candi Seamless DC Now Provides Access to NCIX

neuCentrIX - 25/05/2022 10:00

Good news from neuCentrIX! NeuCentrIX Internet Exchange (NCIX) is now available at neuCentrIX Candi, Semarang, Central Java. neuCentrIX decided to add NCIX as one of the core services they offer at neuCentrIX Candi as a part of our transformation journey into a futuristic Seamless Data Center.

What is a Seamless Data Center? Seamless Data Center is neuCentrIX’s vision to create a synergy between all its data centers, wherever they’re located in, by connecting them into one digital ecosystem that provides seamless and end-to-end services as a whole. Customer behavior has changed; in the era where convenience is king, we understand that you demand providers to support you with end-to-end services that aren't only flexible, but also instant. With customers at the core of the business, neuCentrIX is transforming to meet the new demand and become your go-to data center provider.

To ensure your convenience, the NCIX at neuCentrIX Candi is equipped with a new special feature. With NCIX, you can connect to the internet exchange remotely without having to physically visit neuCentrIX Candi. 

NCIX is an infrastructure provided by neuCentrIX for you to connect and exchange traffic. NCIX allows you to interconnect with other members in two ways: multilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged between all members) and bilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged privately between two members).
With NCIX, the distance data must travel from its source to its destination is shortened, keeping the traffic local, resulting in improved round-trip time and reduced latency. That’s why internet exchange facilities are ideally spread across Indonesia to enable local networks to efficiently exchange traffic. After being available in six locations nationwide—Medan, Jakarta-Karet, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali, NCIX is now available in Semarang, making it easier for local businesses to provide a better user experience for customers.

So, why is NCIX better? NCIX provides you with two major benefits. First, as mentioned, you can access the internet exchange in multiple locations without any additional device or infrastructure, leading to reduced costs. Second, you can also add as many IXPs as you want to your network without buying additional ports. These two benefits are completed with the extra advantage of Seamless Data Center: you can customize your solution by dividing your bandwidth across multiple locations.

Connect to NCIX and get all the benefits of an internet exchange with extra convenience and less hassle! If you’re based in Central Java and its surrounding areas, contact us for further information and special offers!