Telkom Indonesia and Zenlayer: CDN Partnership for Superior User Experience

neuCentrIX - 22/06/2022 10:00

As Indonesia’s leading data center and cloud services providers, Telkom Indonesia has always been committed to providing the best services and experience to all users. To fulfill this commitment, Telkom Indonesia CDN has formed strategic partnerships with a number of world’s leading digital services providers. One of the prominent partnerships is with Zenlayer.

Through one of its subsidiaries Telin Singapore, Telkom Indonesia has been in a partnership with Zenlayer to expand its cloud networking business in Southeast Asia. The partnership was announced by Telin Singapore CEO, Andreuw Th.A.F, and Zenlayer CEO and Founder, Joe Zhu, in 2019.

What is Zenlayer?

Zenlayer is an edge cloud services provider with headquarters in Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Singapore. Since 2014, Zenlayer’s global edge cloud platform has helped various businesses across the globe to instantly deliver superior digital experiences for their users with ultra-low latency and worldwide connectivity on demand. Today, with over 270 PoPs around the world, Zenlayer offers on-demand bare metal cloud, cloud networking, edge data center, cloud WAN, IP Transit, global accelerator, and CDN managed services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

What does the partnership look like?

The partnership between Telkom Indonesia and Zenlayer will allow our customers to use Zenlayer’s clouds and data centers all over the world. “Telkom Indonesia Group has always been focused on giving our customers the best connectivity possible, whether that’s connecting directly to hyperscale cloud players in our data centers or using our submarine cables to reach countries as near as the Philippines or as far as the United States. This partnership with Zenlayer further expands our direct connection options globally,” said Andreuw during the announcement in 2019.

One of the main products of this collaboration is CDN partnership through neuCentrIX. Telkom Indonesia’s have been allocating five neuCentrIX data centers as PoPs for Zenlayer to deliver their content in Indonesia, allowing them to reach and provide greater experience for more users. Zenlayer has also been subscribing to neuCentrIX’s Content Aggregator Connectivity (CAC) service to better support their content performance.

What has this partnership brought?

With this partnership, Zenlayer is officially one of Telkom Indonesia’s CDN partners, along with Google Global Cache, Akamai, and Facebook. Through partnerships with leading global players like Zenlayer, Telkom Indonesia has strengthen its position in the market.

Moreover, the partnership supports Telkom Indonesia in keeping its commitment to always finding ways to provide top-tier experience for users. Users can now access various content provided at Zenlayer CDN, including entertainment and gaming content. This means more content alternatives with high performance quality for users to enjoy.

Telkom Indonesia won’t stop collaborating with other industry members to create a strong digital ecosystem especially in Indonesia. Let’s look forward to more partnerships like this to be announced in the future!