Next-Generation Firewall

neuCentrIX - 17/10/2022 11:34

With the rise in demand for data and more people adopting the internet, there has been a rise in cybersecurity threats. Most companies that rely on online resources may experience a cyberattack at least once in their operation. This has compelled the development of more advanced firewalls that help protect these websites and online resources against being taken over by unauthorized persons.

The Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a resource used to counter attacks and fraud on the internet. It comes with better capabilities and can filter out malicious attempts and threats. Read on as we unravel more about the Next-Generation Firewall, its capabilities, and its benefits.

What is The Next-Generation Firewall?
The Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a security feature developed to assess and oversee the network to block potentially dangerous traffic. It is an advancement of the traditional firewall that hackers and cyber attackers could override. It can do everything a normal firewall can and has even more powerful features for added protection.

Some threats it blocks include modern advanced layer attacks and malware. It includes the following features :

● It comes with standard firewall features.

● It has capabilities for threat intelligence sources.

● Integrated with intrusion prevention.

● The capability to know, control, and block invasion by malicious app users.

● Upgraded to give future data feeds.

What Can The Next Generation Firewall Do?
While NGFW includes the few features mentioned above, they are also specialized capabilities. Here are a few instances :

● Application awareness: The Next Generation Firewall's complex algorithm can filter traffic from various sources. It can distinguish between a good application and one with bugs. This means it can block traffic from malicious apps and maintain control of individual apps.

● The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) monitors your internet networks to prevent malicious activity. It uses signature-based monitoring systems to note threats. Others include policy-based and anomaly-based techniques, which filter out security threats.

● Deep Packet Inspection: this feature monitors the type of data a packet contains. This is an improvement over the old firewall, which only inspected IP headers to determine if a traffic source was a threat.

● Higher Performance: This is an important feature that ensures the firewall can monitor a large amount of traffic without flinching. Its high speed makes it possible to identify threats at a high speed and quickly counter them.

Benefits of The Next-Generation Firewall
Next-Generation Firewall has many benefits that ensure that users do not fall into the hands of malicious cyberattacks. These are some of the benefits.

● Single console access ensures easy access without the need for setting up the system like in traditional firewalls.

● It has multilayer protection that monitors many parameters before establishing the safety of a traffic source.

● NGFW has a simplified infrastructure that makes it easy for anyone to use without technical know-how.

● It has optimal user network speed that can identify even the fastest malware.

The Next-Generation firewall is the game changer in the field of data protection. Telkom has the best NGFW to ensure your company gets tier-1 internet protection and data security.