Success Story of Bitsnet and Fiberconnect

neuCentrIX - 28/04/2022 16:52

Telkom Divisi Wholesale Service (DWS) constantly strives to provide the best connectivity solution for partners. We empower digital product and service innovations by providing the best end-to-end services with digital experiences and innovative solutions. This service allows companies worldwide to shift into digitization.

Ageng Bagja Priyadi commented on how DWS successfully helped his business for years in Bitsnet and Fiberconnect.

Bitsnet and Fiberconnect are two companies that provide internet service in Indonesia. Both are owned by Ageng Bagja Priyadi, who was chosen as the Head of APJII of the West Java Region. Most people may wonder why he established two companies that work in the same field, but he has a strong reason for this.

In the past few years, the growth and demand for the internet have been increasing, especially since the pandemic. People from any society need the internet for school and work, making it an essential part of daily life. Therefore, Bitsnet and Fiberconnect were established to create a balanced internet market. Like Telkom which has several brands, Bitsnet and Fiberconnect were created with the same idea.

Despite the similarities, Bitsnet and Fiberconnect have different ambitions. Ageng Bagja hopes that local Cirebon companies grow and compete with other companies from the similar field. With this vision in mind, he created the companies and believed that not all things have to be sourced from big cities like Jakarta.

His mission is that these companies can compete with competitors from the same market so that Cirebon can produce an internet that is wholly developed locally and does not depend on Jakarta. Their second mission will be achieved by doing this, which is recruiting local human resources and creating new employment for local people. The companies also strive to support the Smart City program in Cirebon.

The Challenges
Every business will face challenges that can halt their progress and hinder them from success. For Bitsnet and Fiberconnect, the challenges are finding ways to stay competitive with other strong providers. However, the collaboration with Telkom makes the challenges easier to solve.

Another challenge is finding capable human resources. Local people are different from the big cities since not all of them have the capability and skill in the field of the internet. Additionally, there is a lack of access to training, which is grossly different from big cities like Jakarta.

Other problems are the need to follow current technology, especially with the high demand. Unfortunately, the increased demand becomes a challenge as the infrastructure that they have cannot develop as fast as the demand that keeps getting higher. However, collaboration with Telkom helps Bitsnet and Fiberconnect
to solve these issues.

Partnering with Telkom DWS
Telkom has a comprehensive and robust infrastructure up to the remote area in Indonesia, which makes it perfect for partnership. Bitsnet and Fiberconnect partnered with Telkom DWS using a solution from one of its brands, called neuCentrIX. There are three services from neuCentrIX that are used which are colocation, NCIX, and Metro Ethernet. These solutions help Bitsnet and Fiberconnect by providing capable infrastructure to help them solve their challenges.

Collaboration with Telkom creates more significant benefits for these two companies, especially since Telkom has a more prominent and central data center. It is also connected between cities and islands; therefore, it provides more access for the company to grow and develop.

Right now, Bitsnet and Fiberconnect have achieved success by penetrating more cities which include Bandung, Madiun, Nganjuk, Banyuwangi, Trenggalek, Bengkulu, etc. The collaboration with Telkom has exceeded their expectation, proven by the achievement that exceeded their goals set up at the beginning.

Some of the most significant achievements while partnering with Telkom is how the government and other big corporations choose to become their customer. Facebook and Google trust Bitsnet and Fiberconnect’s traffic increases. Then, these two big corporations receive Bitsnet and Fiberconnect’s service case. Additionally, Microsoft has also offered its partnership with these two companies. 

Ageng Bagja said that these achievements were targeted for 2023, but it was successfully achieved in 2021, two years faster than the original plan.

The story above shows how Telkom DWS through one of its brands, neuCentrIX, provided the best services to help companies strive for success. Explore more articles to find out other solutions!