Leveraging SCC for Your Business Growth

neuCentrIX - 27/05/2022 10:00

Are you currently looking for a way to create a new revenue stream for your business? Or are you seeking to provide your customers with the best experience when accessing top global contents? Worry not. Let us introduce you to Telkom SCC!

What is SCC?

Specific Content Connectivity (SCC) is an interconnectivity service provided by Telkom DWS made for Internet Service Providers who want to provide their users with faster and immediate access to top contents. But, how does Telkom SCC work exactly?

SCC is basically an IP Transit variant delivered through Telkom Content Delivery Network (CDN). With SCC, you can directly connect to Telkom Indonesia’s CDN partners and directly gain access to various content provided at the CDN networks. Put it this way, if you want to travel from the UK to Japan, instead of transiting in Dubai, you can take a direct flight. So instead of waiting for Facebook content to transit and reach your computer, SCC gives your internet users direct access to the content without waiting for the data to transit.  The requirement to opt for an SCC arrangement is super easy. You only need to be colocating at any neuCentrIX data center.

There are four SCC service packages available: Google Global Cache for access to Google Global Cache CDN and the content within Google Cloud Platform, such as Google search engine, Youtube, and Blogspot; Akamai for access to Akamai CDN and various content from various content providers offered through the connection; Facebook CDN for access to Service specific access to Facebook CDN and its content, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp; and Game Publisher and other CDN for specific access to gaming content plus the community of Telkom CDN Telkom in addition to the three other packages.

How does SCC benefit you as a content seeker? SCC grants you access to all the content provided within a CDN. What can you do with the content? You can utilize the content for multiple purposes. If your objective is to attract customers with a new product, you can turn content into a new revenue stream by offering it to your customers as an add-on service. To get the service, they can pay a certain extra fee. However, if your aim is to improve customer experience and ensure retention, you can offer content as a part of your service plan and allow your customers to enjoy it while subscribing to your services.

Is SCC the same as CDN? 

No. SCC is provided through Telkom CDN, but they work in different ways and offer different perks. However, their major difference lies in their target users.

As mentioned before, SCC is for content seekers. If you’re an ISP or telecommunication provider that seeks to improve customer experience through content, SCC suits you best.

Meanwhile, a CDN is meant for content providers, such as OTTs, e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, and game publishers. A CDN plays a role in creating robust connectivity for quick, reliable, cheap, and secure content delivery. Through its distributed points of presence, content caching ability, and load balancing feature, a CDN reduces the distance between users and content’s origin server, minimizing lag and jitter. Therefore, it helps a content provider improve its content performance, increase its security, provide better user experience, and finally increase user satisfaction.

Both SCC and CDN services are provided by Telkom DWS. Want to know more about both services and how they can help your business grow? Contact us via Whatsapp +62 811-3900-2626