The Role of Internet Exchange in Grasping Business Opportunities

neuCentrIX - 09/08/2022 15:24

During this digital era, many businesses depend on the internet for most of their activities. For your businesses to flourish well, you must have a good internet connection with low downtime and little throttling. This is why most businesses prefer being close to Internet Exchanges (IX). 
In this article, we explore more about IX and its role in helping people grasp better business opportunities. 

What is Internet Exchange (IX)? 

The internet doesn't have any physical elements, so it may be hard for many people to think it can be stored anywhere apart from computers. However, we use the internet to connect to multiple networks and access data. This process is an important type of cloud storage called public peering. 

Peering depends on Internet Exchanges (IXs) to connect two networks and deliver content. Many developed and highly populated cities have internet exchanges maintained by internet providers, which are either formed by an association of members or a commercial organization. 
While internet exchanges have benefits, their main advantage is that they reduce the need to rely on third-party network providers to transmit data requests. In turn, this reduces internet traffic bottleneck, improves reaction time for requests, and reduces cost. 

What is the role of IX in the digital era? 

In this digital era, access to fast and reliable internet is essential. Almost all sectors, from gaming to e-commerce, depend on high-quality internet. One of the ways that businesses are trying to transform their connectivity and digital transformation is through the use of Internet Exchanges.

IXs help Internet Service Providers (IXPs) interconnect and be able to share data directly with one another. Unlike the traditional methods where these ISPs depended on international satellites for internet routing, IXs make it much quicker for the end-user to receive the data they request. This has also helped ISPs avert tromboning – a situation where data had to travel long distances before the user to get results. 

The availability of IXs has immensely helped reduce internet latency and satisfy the rising demand for better internet speeds around the world. Additionally, IXs have greatly contributed to reasonable internet access costs offered by different ISPs. This is because internet service providers no longer have to pay a lot for data that can be accessed locally easily. 

How is IX important for businesses to grasp promising opportunities? 

With the growing need for fast internet, the availability of IXs enables businesses to become more competitive and grasp more opportunities. A good example is the banking sector which almost fully relies on the internet for daily transactions. IXs helps banks have a better chance of growing their business and taking advantage of new banking technology such as mobile banking. 
Being close to IX also enables companies to cut the cost of services and benefit their customers. Businesses can enjoy reasonable costs of internet access as ISPs charge lower because of the locally available internet exchanges. 

IXs have come with many benefits that help improve the efficiency of running business. Having fast internet connectivity helps many businesses improve the amount of work they handle and increase their revenue in the long run. IXs have also highly reduced latency and boosted internet connectivity around the world.