The Finance Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities

neuCentrIX - 23/09/2022 10:00

Today, cloud technology in the finance sector is still in catch-up mode. Still, financial companies are getting many chances from cloud technology to make things better for them. But there are challenges that the sector is facing while adapting to cloud computing.

In this article, we’ll begin by looking at the opportunities and emerging trends in financial services while adopting the cloud. Then, we shall dwell on cloud migration recommendations for financial services firms and the possible challenges.

The Opportunities and Emerging Trends in Financial Services Driving Adoption of the Cloud

Below are some of the changes and emerging trends to expect from financial service providers as they seek to adopt cloud technology.

  • Companies will have short time-to-market periods for new service provision via leveraging cloud-based apps and agile DevOps plans.
  • Financial institutions conduct analytics through cloud technology. It will enhance business management, promote strategic planning, and improve targeted marketing.
  • This technology will bring about customer-facing web apps and platforms. The opportunity will promote self-service, efficient channels to market new products, and encourage customer satisfaction.
  • Banks are breaking down silos and improving working efficiency at low costs through CAPEX investments.

Cloud Migration Recommendations for Financial Services Firms

Here are the five tips to help financial institutions adapt to cloud migration :

1. Dwell on Your Customers’ Experience
Cloud computing has come to make things easier in the banking sector. Banks should consider their customers' interests when adapting to cloud systems. Predict and understand the correct data through the proper channels to meet your customers' expectations, like using AI to create actionable messages and reminders.

2. Have Various Digital Business Models
Your bank can use cloud technology to create enhanced features and revenue opportunities. Let the models help you build partnerships that give birth to unique products and services.

3. Recreate Your Business Operations
This technology opens the door to many opportunities for your business to run in a unique manner. Reimagine how you'd want your company to operate and process. For example, you can use bots and natural language processing (NLP) to offer cozy customer service. It will help your bank compete well in the financial sector.

4. Replan Your People Strategy
Cloud apps will put your bank a step ahead in terms of growth. But your success should go beyond technology. Your business and IT sectors should focus more on delivering business goals. The bank's IT teams should shift to smaller groups to meet the targets faster.

5. Focus on Your Full Cloud Potential
Financial institutions should focus on using cloud apps and supporting business growth. It should transform your business by looking at the laws' costs, performance, security, and compliance.

Challenges of Cloud Computing in the Finance Industry
Like any other growing technology, we expect cloud computing to come with challenges too. Here are the setbacks you’ll experience while using cloud technology in the financial sector.

● Data Security and Privacy
The internet and finance cloud faces problems of data hacks and breaches from cybercriminals. So, banks must invest more in ensuring customer data is safe in the cloud.

● Insufficient Control
As for banks still adapting to cloud computing, they fear losing control over their data and systems. But one should understand the nature of cloud apps before going for it to avoid any issues.

● Regulatory Compliance
Some cloud apps tend to break some countries' laws governing data privacy. So, every bank should follow all the rules in the industry, especially regarding customer data. It can be tricky to meet all the regulations when the data is in the cloud.

The financial cloud has many chances to make the financial sector flourish. But it also comes with some challenges which banks should be aware of as they enjoy the benefits. Still, there are some measures that financial companies can take to ensure that they gain more from cloud apps. This technology is here to stay, so banks should explore ways to grow and avoid the regret of using it.