Wrap up of Data Center Innovations in 2022

neuCentrIX - 30/12/2022 10:00

Most companies and tech giants have invested in advanced data center technologies. The rise and use of data centers has seen positive growth through 2022. It has brought about various developments aiming to provide sustainable data centers.

The data center markets keep growing in various areas of the world. Data center service providers now focus on long-term planning and investment. Also, small and large companies focus on scaling up their IT infrastructure and making their data centers perform better.

So, this article will focus more on innovations in 2022 and provide a wrap-up about data centers. You’ll learn how using data centers is critical in most sectors.

Wrap-Up and Innovation of Data Centers in 2022 across the World
Below are the key events and developments that will take place around data centers in 2022. Such trends aren’t easy for any businessperson to neglect.

Regional governments in Europe have evaluated the future of data center development in their markets in 2022. The Irish government sees top data center projects as the heavy ones that will promote its development. In Frankfurt, they created special zones that were only for data centers. It limits the fast growth of this technology.

Most stakeholders predicted that global IT data center spending would reach $227 billion in 2022. So far, if you compare growth to 2021, there will be a 4.7% growth in overall spending on data centers. The major challenge that data center development faces is how the systems can run without polluting the environment.

Many companies keep investing in clean energy data centers. Big tech companies have invested in solar and wind energy sources. Such projects are cheap and safe for the environment as they serve the data centers.

Researchers and other key stakeholders in the data center sector have explored ways to make data centers more sustainable. It has occurred through the use of next-generation sustainability technologies. Some tech companies were also interested in using hydrogen as a power source for their data centers.

As of 2022, there are approximately 8,000 physical data centers around the world, with some tech companies building more. These numbers could have been higher, but there are concerns about the environmental impacts of data centers.

Among the 8000 physical centers, the US, UK, China, Germany, and Canada have the most critical data centers. These nations have a high demand for remote work, digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital technologies. Remember that such factors were the top drivers for data centers in 2022.

Data availability has increased as 2022 draws to a close. Countries with more data centers have invested more in data center facilities. Also, big tech companies have invested in some ways to power the data centers. These tech companies aim for power sources to be sustainable for the environment and easy to run.

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